Wednesday, 29 December 2010

It's actually real now...

Well today I booked my flights to Orlando for the 19th of June at 11.00am from Manchester airport with virgin. I'm flying direct, because other wise I know for sure I would get lost or lose something. So to save me any stress   I'm just getting on at one end and off at the other in the sunshine state :D I've been to Disney world before so can't wait to return but shouldn't get too lost at the airport as long as I get to the right level for the transfer/bus thing, what ever you want to call it, to the apartment complex. I've never flown alone before so this is an all new experience but all should be good and hopefully some more disney ICP people may be on my flight too, we shouldn't be too hard to see, I'm thinking there will be a lot of mickey ears and disney clothes being worn on that flight :D

It still doesn't feel real even with flights booked. Maybe once I can hold the ticket or e-ticket in my hand I might believe it. Time to start stocking up on sun screen now I think :D

Hakuna Matata

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