Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Well hello...

Well hello to everyone who may be reading this little blog of mine. I just thought it'd be really cool for me to document my amazing summer working for the mouse :D

So, I applied for the international college program online with yummy jobs around the middle of June 2010 and then waited around for an email to ask me to go to a pre-screen interview or to tell me I was unsuccessful. So the wait was pretty stressful but I kept bust over the summer working and then moving too much stuff into my uni house.

Fortunately I got an email inviting me to a pre-screen interview at my uni at the beginning of October. For people who got phone interviews, a pre-screen interview is basically the same thing except you get a bit of the disney presentation you get at the actual interviews and you get to talk to yummy jobs in person. Then there was the second wait of the process. This seemed to take forever although it was only about 2 weeks or so before I heard back from yummy jobs to invite me to an interview in Liverpool! I couldn't believe I'd got the interview so basically didn't tell anybody except my close family so I didn't tempt fate too much! I'm not superstitious really but I wasn't taking any chances with this!

On the interview day I had to get up at about 6am to get to Liverpool, which is pretty early for me and the taxi I booked to arrive at my house came 15 minutes early! I was only just ready when it turned up but I got to the train station fine and was waiting for half an hour in the freezing cold, for a mysterious ghost train. The platform announcer said the next train to arrive at my platform is here and there was no train to be seen. So once safely on the later train, which still got me to Liverpool in plenty of time, on went the disney songs :D The presentation was good and made me want the program even more. When the past participants on screen said 'if you get the opportunity to go to Disney, just go' I was saying yes I want to go but right now it's not up to me!! The interview itself went pretty well although I was rambling and sure I dug myself into several holes but overall I felt it went as well as I could've done. The interview was even over for the lecture I was sure I was going to miss for the interviews, which was good, but my mind was not on the lecture!

After this it was back to the waiting game once again. This was by far the worse part. It seemed to last forever. Up until the 1st of December I didn't obsess about it too much; yes I was constantly checking my emails but not like I was after the beginning of December. After that I got a bit crazy checking them between lectures and on my phone. When the emails started coming out I got so worried and was so certain that I hadn't got it because it took my email another 2 days to come through and I got it at about 9.30pm but all I saw when I opened the email was the big red congratulations. Yummy jobs and Disney had made my day! I screamed and jumped up and down at my house mates, practically deafening them I think. I just couldn't and still can't believe I'm going to work in 'the happiest place on earth' next summer! :D Well for now that about brings the experience up to date :D 

Hakuna Matata :D

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