Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Let's procrastinate....

So hello and welcome to the last week of 2011! Christmas is officially over for another year, hope you all got lots of lovely things and made the most of having family around if this was the case :) I enjoyed a quiet Christmas with my family. I got Tangled for Christmas so had a bit of a Disney evening yesterday watching it and enjoying its Disney beauty :) such a cute movie!

Now is the time for me to do work for uni really, but I just don't want to, but I'm running out of reasons not to do it! :-/ I have an assignment to finish and my mass of a dissertation to begin the write up for. It'll be a long haul and no doubt there will be a lot of Disney music and motivational songs in the mix to help me get through it. It is kind of important that I actually work hard on it! It will be fine I'm sure though, I seem to be on track with it, well I hope so :)

Other than this I have suggested to all the other ICPs for 2012 to design and get a hoody designed for us and so far a great design has been created and I'm thinking most people are pretty happy with it :) we shall just see what the consensus is and then hopefully get some quotes sorted for the new year! Exciting times, you wouldn't think it but it's much easier to find people in matching hoodies than trying to memorise everyones faces! There are too many faces from facebook plus people often look so different when you meet for them for real! So I figured hoodies would be an awesome tool to use once again :D

Still awaiting confirmation of my CRB hitting the Yummy Jobs offices! Should be there by now though :D Was just pondering the next steps for the program last night:

1. Disney Pack (Mid February)
2. Visa paper work
3. SEVIS fee
4. Visa Interview
5. Visa approval and arrival
6. Pay program assessment fee
7. Receive a ton of Disney welcome emails
8. Fly
9. Live it!

Living at Vista Way most probably. Reminds me of the Vista Way song, here it is if you haven't seen or heard it. I didn't find its lyrics to be true but that could be because I lived in a wellness (under 21) apartment and my room mates didn't party in vista.

At least that's how I remember it! Don't think I missed anything important out! Hope not.

                  TTFN :D

Friday, 23 December 2011

Christmas is coming, the geese are getting fat....

Hello once again faithful readers, or person stumbling across my little blog :)

Well it is now less than 1 day until Christmas Day and although it feels very un-festive to me at the moment, it is still very exciting :) In a last attempt, I am listening to Christmas songs and carols tonight to try to remind me of the impending holiday :) It is an important holiday but I think the older I get the more disillusioned I become about what people have turned it into. As the song  below points out, by Taylor Swift, Christmas must be something more...

Anyway on another exciting note. Today I received airmail all the way from Michigan and my friend from the program, Ayla :). The letter completely made my day and made me smile from ear to ear. I love unexpected things to cherish and remind you just how important people and friends are to you :) where would we be without them! I also gained another Christmas card from another ICP friend, Zoe, one of our fab 5, who I miss so much! These lovely ladies are certainly adding to my very small Christmas card collection this year, and I love cards :D

Today, despite what I expected, has been a very productive day for uni work. I have almost completed one assignment, (I had already started it), checked one more thing off of my to-do list and started to edit another assignment. I think I'd better call it a night now though really. My quality of work dwindled a few hours ago I think!

Back onto ICP news. Well there is no new news really, I am in the process of waiting for confirmation of my CRB form getting to yummy, which I will not get until after Christmas now but that's ok. Then I will be awaiting my Disney pack in February. I also received an email the other day about Universal, Orlando who are now also recruiting through yummy jobs! The email read 'would you like to work for Universal?' Although their program had crossed my mind, it was always second best to me and I got the prize turkey once again :D


oh and Merry Christmas; Happy Holidays; Feliz Navidad....

Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Getting tetchy...

Well time for another post perhaps :)

I have been trying to put the ICP from my mind to focus on uni things so that I don't start to panic about my flight price soaring so I can't afford it but just going through a mini panic over prices now, which is not good, but hey ho, it will all work out hopefully and it will all work out well :)

I also emailed about the internships in Epcot and AK as suggested by a random cast member to my mum whilst on vacation. Sadly you have to be studying at a US college, although you don't need to be a US citizen. So perhaps if I want it enough I will go do a post-grad in the US and apply for an internship to spend as much time as possible within the Happiest Place on Earth :D

An exciting package arrived yesterday from one of my summer 2011 ICP friends, Ashleigh :) she sent me birthday and christmas presents, it was so exciting I never receive packages :D she also sent a cute congratulations card complete with mickey mouse stickers from the summer. I remember the day she got given almost half a roll of the stickers, it was awesome. Well it was her birthday :D

Thinking about the summer reminds me of our last day out in MK. We were stood awaiting the parade to come down main street. It was threatening rain and we were scared we wouldn't get to see the parade that one last time! But eventually, quite late I have to admit, the floats were coming down the street and we were all clapping and smiling along. We were stood next to an english family and we were all wearing the 'I'm celebrating' pins, except we had changed them to say 'I'm NOT celebrating my last day as a CM' and we were asked by our new friends what CM was. It is the shortened word for cast member, the pins are pretty small after all! We were asked what we had been doing and where we all had worked. It is certainly one way to relive an entire summer in about 5 minutes! I hope eventhough we were almost ex-cast members we still spread a little bit of pixie dust their way too :D

Talking about pixie dust, that reminds me of the mickey mouse confetti in some of my birthday presents and the edible mickey mouse confetti in disney itself! Oh well I think I might need to bring this blog to a close it is just turning into a reminiscent-fest! oh dear.

Have a magical day guys :D

Monday, 19 December 2011

CRB and reaching the legal drinking age :-) .....

Well hello there

I have now officially started the journey into the happiest place on earth once again. Over the weekend I received my CRB form in the post from Yummy Jobs and filled it in. It is winging its way back to Essex for checking and sending off to the kind people who lessened by monetary burden by £60! Oh well, it will be worth the penny-loss. Other than this it is now time to search for flights and look towards summer 2012! I have been keeping my eyes out for the best deals and prices are looking very similar to last year for a lovely direct flight with virgin from manchester. I will not be booking until the new year but I have my eyes firmly set on the 11am virgin flight on  sunday June 10th :D hopefully this will mean my uni friends also get this flight as well as all the other wonderful people who I've met via facebook who will also be flying with virgin :D excitingly exciting times :D

Ok, so the flights are on the radar, the CRB is done (well for my part), next on the list; waiting for paper work and further instruction. Next there will be the Disney pack arrival, probably around the end of February with the lovely Disney look book, and other exciting forms and information. This will then lead the way for the booking of a thrilling visa appointment in the US embassy in the capital! It is one scary place! But for now there isn't much else to do apart from chill, well do work, enjoy Christmas and dream of a magical new year :D

This weekend it was my birthday, not just any birthday, my 21st birthday! So this means that I will be of the legal drinking age for the first time in the US! This is exciting news as it will mean that if I choose to drink, which I probably will, there will be worries for my deportation from the country :D woop woop. It also means an over 21 apartment in housing, which could be good or bad, depending on working hours and how many party-animals I live with! eek! For my birthday my friends went a little Disney crazy. I am not complaining by no means, but wow so much Disney! I got Now! That's what I call Disney, for a little light listening, Disney room spray so my room can smell magical, and a Mickey Mouse mug to make meal times special! There will be no need for me to buy things in the summer! lol, that's a lie! There's always more Disney merchandise that can find its way into my life :D

I find the best and worst thing about having done the program before is that you reminisce an awful lot. Especially as some of the people you still know are out there living the dream still and here I am, in dreary old England, where my feet are numb and I constantly look like I'm crying because my eyes run in the cold :/ hmm hardly seems fair? But either way, forward!

An exciting idea was planted into my mind today also. My mother, apparently, whilst on vacation, was speaking to a cast member about roles in labs with regard to Nutrition in Epcot. This excites me a lot and I would love to forge my career over in Epcot. However she cannot remember exactly what was said and I don't know who I would talk to, so if any one out there in the old world-wide web knows anything about this let me know :D

On another note, it is the week before Christmas and although it still doesn't feel like Christmas, it adds a little bit of fairy dust to the air!

Merry Christmas everyone! And a Happy New Year!

Sunday, 4 December 2011


Well hello there,

Today I feel like exploring my role a little bit and getting to know it better :D so here goes. Information I have is from what Disney have given me or what yummy jobs have said previously. If you have another role check out the videos on youtube on the college program feed or drop me a message and I'll see what info I can rustle up :)

                                            Attractions video on youtube: ^

Operations includes both attractions and park greeter. The role includes tasks such as:

  • Introducing the show or attraction
  • Monitoring guest safety and guest flow
  • Loading and unloading guests from an attraction
  • Handling the console and evacuation of the attraction
  • Organising audience control
  • Working with FastPass
  • Greeting and welcoming guests who enter the park
  • Working with different ticket media to validate tickets
This role has many exciting potential work places. However in my interview I was asked which my favourite park was and so perhaps I will get to work in the Magic Kingdom :)

Just so you know, the attraction that I would love to work on the most would be The Haunted Mansion. It is such a cool attraction steeped in good old Disney story and magic :) If not this attraction most of them would keep me happy and make me a smiley cast member :D

Saturday, 3 December 2011

Are my eyes getting sweaty?

So I'm writing a piece about, you guessed it Disney, for my uni paper and the editor asked me to send a few of my pictures from the ICP through for her to publish with the writing. Therefore last night was spent going through a mix of emotions reliving the program through my hundreds of photos! At some times, as my  friend Heather would say, my eyes were almost a little bit sweaty (also known as crying). The sweating eyes concept was created whilst in Florida to make light of the tears that we shed over the ICP and about leaving people behind and letting them go. 

The photo search has however made me realise how many people I actually met and how many of them I really miss now! So I realised that I should start making a big effort to keep in contact with them so they don't forget that they really do mean something to me even from across the miles! 

On another note I had to be dragged kicking and screaming into the Disney store yesterday. Just kidding, I practically ran in! To get my friends Christmas present it was a necessary excursion but there was no complaining from me or my housemate who is also going to be doing the ICP with me next summer! I discovered that Disney now do a line of scents that smell like Disney. It's perfect; Disney in a bottle! Who new they could do that? Imagineers! ''what they can't do these days''. Anyway people are starting to contact each other and get to know one another before the program, using the boards on WDWIP we are all connecting and learning all the magic that Disney really makes!

''all you need is faith and trust and a little bit of pixie dust''

Friday, 2 December 2011

There are new friends every where..

Well hello again, now deciding that procrastination is the best prevention from doing the mountain of work that I need to do which includes a dissertation, aaaggghhh!! panic!! But it will be so worth it in 191 days when I am on my way back to Disney World. I have withdrawal symptoms and it is too cold here! Oh well, cold = Christmas and Christmas = good :D

Once again Disney has taken over most of my brain and thoughts and I can't think about much else :) this is great but no so when I have things, such as life, to get on with in the mean time between now and then! It will all work out though with just a touch of Disney magic :D I spent wednesday evening with a friend who I was showing all of the videos that I shot whilst in Florida this summer. They brought back some awesome memories as I hadn't watched the videos since I took them, now almost 5 months or so ago for the earlier ones. eeek how time flies when you're having fun or studying hard!

All that is left for me to do at the moment is to check when my placement will start next semptember so I can begin to think about flights. As the college program visa enables me to travel for up to 30 days after the program ends it would be great to make the most of that and travel a little!

This week I was also chatting with another friend about homesickness and missing friends who I seem to have left all over the world right now. She made such a good point, that eventhough it's not always the easiest thing in the world to get up and go live somewhere comletetly new there will be new friends there and people who care are also still right back where you left them! This made me feel a little relief but also made me remember all of my friends out there who I need to get into contact with because I miss them!

On a happier, but still related, note, I have been meeting some new people on the WDWIP discussion board who will be joining me on my epic summer adventure for 2012! It seems like this is going to be another summer of fun :D

Keep watching this space for more news :D

''All you need is faith and trust and a little bit of pixie dust''

Wednesday, 30 November 2011

''If you can dream it, you can do it!'' twice

Hey guys, exciting news. Somehow I just got accepted for ICP 2012 :D woop

This year I got the congratulations email on November 29th and my role with be operations from June 10th to August 31st 2012! I cannot contain my excitement at the thought of getting to go back to the Happiest Place on Earth!!

Watch this space for further hints and tips if you too got accepted for the ICP :D

Laura :D

Hakuna Matata

Well I guess I got a bit 'Tangled'

Hey guys, long time no speak!!! Sorry I was a terrible blogger whilst I was out in the old sunshine state, there was just always something crazy fun to do! But here I am back and ready to inform you of exciting things that happened during the rest of my program!

So I can't remember where I left off so we shall start with my exciting backstage tour of the tower of terror, which was so cool and really interesting actually. I also got to ride the ride with the lights on. If you ever get a chance don't say no! But be prepared it's scarier with the lights on! From here we shall move along to my first ever visit to typhoon lagoon! Which was awesome and it was a lovely sunny day, there were some awesome attractions there and some unfortunate photopass photography, if you know what I mean! This week was topped off quite aptly with a lovely little trip to the theater to see Winnie the Pooh, one of the funniest cartoons I had seen in such a long time. We were in hysterics at it, and we were the oldest people in there, oops. But it's cool to love winnie the pooh right?

The real icing on the cake here was the epic attempt we made at consuming the Kitchen Sink. The mega mammoth ice cream creation served at Beaches and Cream. It has, if I remember rightly 9 scoops of ice cream, every topping imaginable and a whole can of cream! It was epic and I had such a sugar rush! A once in a life time experience and one completed in honour of a great friends birthday :D

During the summer there were also many trips to universal, experiencing the harry potter ride and crowds not unlike oxford street! It was an epic ride, and you've gotta love fate when you line up in single rider line in a pair and end up riding together for a fraction of the wait time :) smiles all around! There was also many soakings on Popeye and Jurassic park! Epic times!

What a way to wake up! 1900 Park Fare at the Grand Floridian may have been, without doubt, one of the best breakfasts I have ever had in my life. The food was amazing and the company (winnie the pooh, tigger, alice, mary poppins and the mad hatter) was pretty awesome too! I would advise this and with cast discount it's a steal! The following day I met for lunch at the rainforest cafe with one of my uni friends Alix who was in the US on vacation. It was such a surreal experience and one I'll find hard to forget :) Work was pretty cool too, lots of crazy and interesting people, who thought I lived in the Ukraine, US, Australia, Spain... well you name it some one probably thought I lived there!

A few weeks before my program ended my parents came out to visit. Whilst they were around there was a lot of half day trips to parks before work, it was hard to keep hold of there whereabouts but it was so good to be able to call them whenever I wanted and not worry about the time zones which turned out to be more of an issue than you would have ever thought! We went to universal together and there was an epic thunderstorm but it was so nice to spend time with them although there was a lot of complaints over the soaring temperature! There were some amazing photos taken too. Memories galore. But the saddest thing was when they left, even harder than leaving the UK myself! But it was all worth it in the end :D

Other highlights include Fantasia minigolf after work, the most fun golf course ever I think. All disney and fantasia themed completed by fantasmics soundtrack playing in the background over at the studios :D I didn't win but it's all about the taking part :D there was also a fun trip to steak 'n' shake experiencing for the first time ever a steak'n'shake milkshake, which was pretty much a desert in itself, it was so good though :D After this there was a long hot walk back to vista as we failed to understand that the bus didn't go to crossroads during the day! eek. Oh well we all made it to work in the end :D

Thursday the 18th of August was graduation day. It was my personal highlight of the program. All of us there getting our graduation ears and photos with the boss :) also freebies and dancing with the characters, especially pluto to the cupid shufflle. Song of the ICP? The night wasn't complete without a major thunderstorm and a visit to the magic kingdom for wishes :) such a great night, but so sad to say goodbye to one of our fab five (group of friends) who went home the next day! It was a great end to her program I think, well I hope :D

Ever wanted to learn random facts about MK? Well one day me and my friend Collette went and did the MK scavenger hunt. One epic hunt for clues all around MK. Riding rides, finding the sleigh in summer? getting confused and circling the kingdom many a time. It was an epic game for us although we didn't win, so much fun to be had before work!

When my program ended on September 2nd me and Heather moved over to the All Star Sports resort for my last 11 days in the US. I made the most of my mini vacation. It was so weird being a guest again in WDW but it was a nice way to end an epic summer :D the best summer ever!!

Anyways I am off for a while, continue to follow me here for further updates :D

Laura :D

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

This is a little overdue...

Well because I haven't blogged in the 2 and a half weeks that I've been in Orlando I now have a lot to fit into one blog, so here goes.

The long flight to Orlando was good, watching Tangled on the plane and using the new planes technology to skip to the best parts of the film and confusing Collette when my film was ahead of hers as I started the film after she did! When we arrived (early) we took forever getting through immigration. We were all taken into a separate room at the airport and told to wait for them to do some processing of our visa stuff, so after about an hour or so in the airport we finally got on the bus to vista, which is where the excitement starts, not. The bus driver was confused and didn't seem to know where vista is and he dropped off every other group on the bus first, meaning that it took 2 hours on the bus to get to vista and even then the bus driver tried to drive away from vista again and got lost in it's massive size! Anyways when we finally managed to escape the clutches of the bus driver, we were welcomed to Orlando with a little summer lightning and thunder, before being whisked through the welcome process. Then I was taken over to my apartment in vista where I met my 4 other room mates and was then joined by my room mate (who also goes to my uni and was on the same plane as me, by coincidence). After this craziness and unpacking we headed out to Walmart to pick up sheets, pillows and food stuff. Which meant by the end of it we were like the walking dead, by the end of it i'd been up for more than 24 hours and trying to shop when that tired is not fun! But we were finally in Orlando!!! 

Next day we went to orientation day 1, which involved getting lots of paper work, signing lots of things and having a long talk at the commons with smiley Sarah! This lasted most of the day and I found out that I was working in Downtown Disney west side but not on which ''attraction''. In the evening we went to Downtown Disney for dinner and to check it out. After waiting for about an hour we went for dinner in the rainforest cafe, where I had never eaten before. There were about 10 of us sat dazed and hungry around the table taking in all of the animals moving around us! It was a really nice meal :D After that it was back to the bus stop which is to  become my most visited spot in the whole of walt disney world.

Tuesday was orientation day 2, which didn't last very long, it was about an hour to go through and fill in payroll forms and to get role information. Here I was told that I was working ticket ops at Cirque du Soleil which surprised me considering my role is in attractions. After this a few of us headed over to the pool to try it out and to soak up a bit of the florida sun.

Traditions was on wednesday, bright and early at 8am! It involved finding out things about the company and it's policies and history, it also involved a tour of part of the magic kingdom in lovely business attire, to check out Safe D and the four keys in action. At traditions we also got our name badges and disney IDs which meant that in the afternoon we headed to Magic Kingdom. We met Mickey and Minnie and went on a few attractions, later when only myself and Collette were left in the park we saw some other ICPs who we'd met and then we went to watch the main street electrical parade and fireworks, which were amazing :D

Thursday was my orientation day at downtown disney. Mel, Amy, Siobhan and I got the really early (on-request) bus to be nice and early for the 8am start and still managed to be 'late' due to being told to go to the wrong place and no one letting us know we were in the wrong place! But it was sorted and we just finished a little late, the day involved information about downtown and a tour of the area so we could get an idea of the locations and things available to guests. 

After this I had friday off and I can't remember what happened on the fri, I have a funny feeling I went to Epcot but I'm not 100% sure as I'm writing this blog too far away from the date! The next day was my ticketing class at disney university, it made me excited but scared for my role as there was so much to remember and so much to do. 

The next two days were my days off and I went to Hollywood studios on the sunday, watched Beauty and the Beast and went on tower of terror and rock'n'roller coaster. In the evening we went to house of blues for dinner and then went to house of blues, which was crazy busy and weird to be out knowing that I'm now suddenly not old enough to drink. It was a good night :)

Monday, Heather, Ashleigh, Jenny and I went to Cast connections near magic kingdom and did a bit of discount retail therapy, then me and Ashleigh went to the magic kingdom in the evening and did lots of attractions which was really good although splash mountain stopped a few times whilst we were on it. In general 2 awesome days off :D

This seems like a good place to leave it for now, in the next blog I will tell you all about my training and role and hours and stuff to do with Cirque :D 

Hakunna matata :D

Saturday, 18 June 2011

It's finally here!! Like I can sleep now!!!!

Well ok this is a little late for a post but I just thought I'd slip one in before bed, it is now officially less than 12 hours until my flight to Orlando, which I have been waiting for for nearly 7 months! Which is absolutely crazy!! I cannot describe how excited I am nor how scared either, it is crazy!! I have had a really nice few days leading up to me leaving the UK spent with family and friends and making the most of the UK. I had a nice traditional carvery and had an amazing cake which wished me much fun in the USA! Exciting times all in all. 

Now it's just a matter of hours before I'll be awake again and getting ready to leave this house for the last time and make the hop across the pond for the summer of a lifetime! My bags are packed, my clothes are ready and my alarm is on. All that rests between me and the aeroplane is a few hours. I have checked in online so I just need to pick up my ticket and boarding pass and check my bags in and then go and find the amazing but fairly large and no-doubt noisy crowd of soon to be Disney cast members!! This is so surreal, I have been thinking all day that this isn't really real that it isn't really happening to me, so we shall see what the dawn holds! But for now I'm off to bed to try to get some sleep, emphasis there on the try!!!!

Anyways, see you all state side :D 

Hakunna matata :D:D:D:D

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Heave ho, heave ho, it's back to Chester we go...

Hello Mickey Mouse

Well after a minor panic about online paperwork for my flight to the states I have returned to my uni house earlier than planned, but this has made me feel a lot better as I have now completed the advanced passenger information and done the first draft of my packing, there are just a few things to add and move around now and then to weigh the case to check if it all fits in with the requirements for my flight! This does however mean that I have again had to lug a piece of my life up the country on a slow, delayed and packed train, which is always a lovely feat to attempt whilst carrying a suitcase and multiple bags. So if you saw a slightly burnt girl carrying too many things on a train today, you never know, it could've been me!

On a happier note, today I also received an email from Disney with arrival information and reminders of what to bring and things which was very exciting as well as a similar good luck email from yummy jobs. I think I seriously need to start pinching myself that it is all really happening and it's all happening this sunday! It's making me a bit nervous to be honest, but here I feel less nervous than I did at home now that some things productive have been done and I'm actually starting to get excited again about the whole thing so that's always a bonus :D

I have now purchased everything I need for the summer apart from one thing. Insect repellent. Which I'm holding out on as I'm a little dubious about it as I bought insect repellent in the past and it actually attracted many many insects to me, which wasn't pleasant. I will go buy some before sunday and have been given a few recommendations so all should work out a little better this time around! I'm also considering going out on a hunt for vacuum bags for my sleeping bag and pillows as they are taking up a horrendous amount of space in my case right now, they're making me take shoes out of my case, which if you're a girl, you will understand, is not a good thing! But oh well it means that I will have to go on a shoe shopping spree :) just thinking about it makes me happy :D

I just realised it would've been interesting for me to have taken photos of my attempts at packing this evening, they would have made for some comical viewing but alas it's too late, maybe there's time for more on final pack and on unpack out in the states?! Case unpacking explosion I think. Other than that all this packing has tired me out, I think I need to go and lie down :P

Hakuna matata and see you all soon :D

Friday, 10 June 2011

All set and raring to go!!!!

Well it is now officially only 8 days until I head to the sunshine state!!! eeekkk!!! well since last time I posted I have now paid my program assessment fee, filled in my onboard paper work and basically signed my life away to the disney company (for the summer) so exciting! I have now also finally got my swimming costume and stuff and finally think that I have bought everything I need now apart from some insect repellent but that can be bought there if needs be. Other wise everything is set and we're just playing the waiting game!!

I am home now for a little while and relaxing and making the most of having little to do, as I'm sure as soon as June 19th comes around there will not be a day when I am not busy! My sun burn has now also calmed down, a bit, and this makes me a little more hopeful about the burning and browning that may happen whilst I am in florida! :D

Our flight has now also gained two more people, so we are on 17 now, we really are going for a takeover! :D everything is sorted, I just have to pack all my stuff into a case weighing less than 23kg!?! So I guess that is the next challenge for me to complete before I get to take the trip of a lifetime.I also need to measure my hand luggage to check if it fits the measurement allowed for my airline and also choose my reading material for the plane and trip, I have all the books ready I just have to pick the ones that I want to read when I'm out in Walt Disney World :D

We have also received a few more emails from disney regarding little reminders and stuff advertising for jobs in Disneyland Paris, which makes me wish that I could speak fluent french, unfortunately I can't :( but I could learn lol

Anyways I'm off now to continue increasing my level of excitement in other ways other than blogging!!
8 days! 8 days! 8 days! also I have attached a little youtube video about the role I will be playing in walt disney's show :D

Hakuna matata

Sunday, 5 June 2011

2 weeks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well,  it is now 2 weeks until I embark on an epic summer, which does not seem real. Since last time we spoke, I have had another email from disney requesting the program assessment fee, which as of yet I have not paid due to low funds, however it is the next thing on my list. This week I also finally got around to booking the taxi to the airport :D 7am taxi, not too bad, for my 11am flight! Just thinking of the fact that in 2 weeks time, right now, I will be in Florida and melting just a little in the heat!

People currently out there on the earlier dates are churning out some awesome photos on facebook, making us all jealous and super excited for our arrival date, which is edging ever closer! Further developments in the world of planning for a summer in the states include the purchase of sun cream, which has been increased in factor strength after getting massively burnt on friday in the UK! So now I will be wearing no lower than SPF 30 in Orlando! Whether this will allow me to tan at all will be seen but I don't fancy looking like the lobster I was turned into this weekend! Friends have 'kindly' suggested that I should work on any attractions related to the Little Mermaid so that I could be Sebastian! Oh well, this will go down and I learned a valuable lesson about the sunshine! I have also been informed that my parents have managed to get me a UK-US plug adapter and a nice combination lock for my locker, so I'm looking more set for the summer :D

It is now also getting to the stage where I am almost bragging about the summer, but not, because people are starting to ask what're people's plans for the summer and well I'm not going to lie to them. I think some people are finding that my plans outshine theirs :s although my intention was never to do this or to brag about it because in all fairness with the amount of hours I'm expecting to work I'm not sure yet if it's worth bragging about! lol the sun and living in the states might be however! Oh well too late now, plans are all set.

Now on the final count down I have been making the most of seeing all of my uni friends here and will be heading home for a while later this week to see the family before I jet off. This is slowly making it seem more real but I think my friends seem to have grasped its reality better than I have yet! Oh and on another note my SEVIS fee receipt finally showed up last week, the printed one not the electronic one, they take forever to come through, it really is a good job that you don't have to wait for them to go to the embassy or none of us would ever get out there! Ok that's enough complaining and rambling for one post :D

Have a magical day (and week) everybody :D

Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Electronic Mail :)

Well hello again everyone, here is another post for the marvellous month of May. Which pretty much means that I have way too much time on my hands so that I can blog this much, but never mind at least this will document my last few weeks in the UK before I head off to the states for the best summer ever!

So today is May 24 and that means only 1 thing, another batch of ICP'ers are on their way to Disney World right now :D (well many will probably be there by now but some may still be travelling) this made me a little sad to know that I still have 25 days to wait until I get to travel across the pond. I was making my way to placement today thinking about all those people out in the airports waiting for the start of a much more exciting day, but nevermind my day was a good one and it is only 25 days, and the way things have been going so far means that the days will fly! Although I can't deny I am a little jealous of the May 31 people too who get to go next week!

Further information from last time include another email from Disney, complete with the usual amazing video accompaniment :) The email is generally to let is know about what will happen and what we need to do on arrival to orlando. I hope this all goes swimmingly :) as I have visited orlando before I have a basic concept of the airport, however whether I will remember any of this in arrival is another thing! However as always it is awesome to receive emails from Disney reminding me that this whole thing really is real, although it still hasn't sunk in yet!

Ok, so another useless fact for you, I have now also completed the 30 day disney challenge! Which means that time really is flying as I can remember starting the challege over easter to keep my mind focused :P it has done just that and made me very excited for the plans of what is to come over the next few months! It also gave me food for thought about all of the films and disney things that might have just slipped my mind in recent times! I also got lots of comments of a similar nature from friends on facebook where I posted the challenge :D

So I think that's enough for now night night everyone :D

Saturday, 21 May 2011

5 weeks seemed like ages, but 4 weeks, well that's a whole other story!

Hey everyone, here is another blog for you, not sure how much more I have to say but the panic and excitement really has started setting in now as tomorrow it will be 4 weeks until I get to go out to the states! That means it's only 28 days, 21 hrs, 53 mins!!! That is insane! I can remember the initial group interview last year and it only seems like yesterday and we were all holding our breath to find out if we'd made it! I still don't think it has sunk in, I still don't believe I'm going maybe that's a good thing? It means that I won't drive too many people insane with my excessive countdown!! But everyone who doesn't know i'm going and then finds out is pretty amazed about it all so I'm thinking there will be lots of disney discussion both before I go and when I come back. At least if somebody else brings it up in conversation they can't be mad at me for then non-stop spurting out random information and excitement about the summer that is ahead of me!

Well as I was saying about the increased blogging to dispel boredom whilst on placement I am now 3 weeks through a 4 week placement. So that means only 1 week left of it and then it will be simply the crazy countdown to disney ICP :D

Other than that I was hanging around the facebook group for all the people on the virgin 11am flight on 19th June and have seen that people are getting their families to bring them to the airport. I love this idea and would save so much money (for me) on a taxi however I know that if my mum is there it will not be a pretty sight for the other 15 people as when she cries, it makes me cry, I don't like seeing people upset so therefore I think this way is much safer for me, for her and also for everyone else on the flight! But this does mean that I need to book a taxi to manchester airport really soon, I've been kinda putting it off, not sure why really, but as soon as placement is over next weekend I will be booking that taxi.

In other news this week I also received an email from Disney! It was a 'gentle' reminder of the Disney look, to reiterate the beautiful detail provided for us in the very pretty disney look book :D and this also meant that there was another video for us to check out with the crazy guy who doesn't follow any of the disney look guidelines! I can't remember their names but if you've seen the videos you will know who I'm talking about! Anyways apparently there will be more of these exciting Disney emails to come over the next few weeks before departure. One of which will be for us to pay the Program Assessment Fee (PAF) of $100. So that'll be the last big payout for the program, I think, until rent starts being deducted from pay packets.

I was worried at first that I would have to pay a month/weeks rent up front when I arrived in Orlando but have been told that this is not the case, the PAF is all we need and the rent just starts being deducted when we get paid, so that's another worry off of the mind :)

Ok I think that may be enough of a splurge for today :) Have a magical day everybody.

Hakuna Matata

Friday, 13 May 2011

36 days, 14 hrs, 54 mins until your next flight with us...

Hellooo again people :D I'm back again during my placement solitude to spread some excitement for the amazing adventure that awaits in 36 days!! I can't believe it's just a little over a month until I can officially say that I work for Disney and technically work for mickey mouse :D and it's all go for planning, although I'm still a little behind with the purchases ready for the trip, but as soon as I get back home I'll be getting everything else I need, and one of the most important things left on my list is sun screen and considering my ridiculously pale and sensitive skin I am really going to need lots of the stuff! I'd love it if I actually tanned for the first time in my life this summer, I should have enough opportunity, it just depends whether I burn horrifically and look like an over-roasted turkey by the end of the program! But for now I'm not worried.

Other than the pale skin protection I can't wait for June 19th and some lovely people are meeting in Liverpool tomorrow for a bit of a 'meet-up' similar to the one I went to in Birmingham in February? March? One or the other, either way it was amazing but it was so long ago now! Time flies when you're having fun, or doing so much uni work you think you're going to die! lol but it'll all be worth it in a few short days :D I would've expected it too feel like forever waiting for the summer as usually when you're waiting for something you want so bad, like when we were waiting for the emails to find out if we got in or not, it takes forever and you're always looking to the future so I guess being manically busy at uni this past term or so has meant that disney has only been inching ever closer without me giving it my full attention, I was going to say without giving it much thought, but that would've been a complete and utter lie as it is always always on my mind :D and it still hasn't sunk in that Disney is where I'll get to reside for a whole summer!

Recently we also received some emails from yummy travel advertising trips and stuff around the US for after we finish and maybe that will make things easier when it comes to planning my 11 ad-lib travelling days before I return to the UK, which will, no doubt, be raining and probably feel freezing if we've been enjoying a summer of practically living in a sauna :D ahh well the weather has been giving me my first glimpses at the lovely heavy torrential, but very short-lived, rain showers we'll get used to in Florida. One moment blue skies, the next the wind is up and the rain is hammering down. 5 minutes later and the suns back out! But it's just not quite Florida is it, seeing as the temperature is considerably lower!

The virgin flight from Manchester on June 19th is ever growing and I was worried I didn't have a ticket and wasn't going to be getting one either, so I dropped STA an email, I booked with STA, and apparently my itinerary itself is a ticket. Who'd have thought that with you'd only need an itinerary! Has anyone else been told this or is it just me, I really don't fancy turning up at the airport and them saying I can't go! That'd be a complete nightmare! Oh well, we'll believe STA for now and think positively :D

Hakunna matata and good luck to anyone doing exams and stuff now :D

Monday, 9 May 2011


Helloooo, well I think it's time again for another blog although not too much has happened but we'll give it a shot as I am getting really excited for the summer now especially as the May 1st people are now all out there enjoying the sun and some of their photos have already been put up on facebook to whet our appetites! Other than this I also have lots of time to search out disney amazingness as all of my assignments are done for second year!!! So now I can actually use Disney as a valid distraction from boredom :D it is no longer procrastination :D woop

Well as of last week, and for the next 3 weeks, I am on placement, kinda in the middle of nowhere but not and I have the dreams of Disney sustaining me through the middle-of-nowhere-ness lol. It should be a pretty awesome placement as it is kinda what I'm going to be doing with my life!! Well that is the plan (for now).We shall see how the next 3 weeks go anywho and I am literally on the countdown now till I take my next plane ride!! It was 6 weeks yesterday so that makes it 40 days 13 hours and 27 minutes until I board my 11am flight in Manchester!! And out flight is ever growing now there are 15 of us on the flight which will make the flight awesome and hopefully will help the time fly as the flight time was extended mysteriously!

On my list of important things to do in the next 6 weeks or so, is finding a US sim card and/or unlocking my phone so that I can sort it all out ready for the summer. Skype is now all set up and my parents had a really exciting time finding out about skype, it literally amazed them. Apart from the fact they keep complaining that they can hear voices on the line when there is no one here! So goodness knows what they're going to be like when the connection has to travel tran-atlantic! Hopefully though it will all work out, at least this way I don't have to scrabble to find pay phones to let them know I am ok which would have been an interesting feat I'm sure when we're working and playing hard!

On a more fun note there have been a few meet up meals planned for people on the ICP who have met on facebook/facebook meets! It has been planned that on June 20th we head to downtown disney and have dinner maybe in T-rex or around the area and bask in the summer sunshine :) for those over 21 I'm sure there'll be a few sneaky drinks going on, for those of us under 21 we can get our high from the sun, or maybe some sugar?! lol you don't need the alcohol to have a good time so I think Disney itself will be enough excitement to cause prolonged and never-ending hyperness for this summer, well until we all collapse of exhaustion lol :D

I am also bowing to the pressure for videos and vlogs I think, I'm getting very tempted to buy a video recorder and at least record/post videos of the summer even if I never do a vlog. I'm not sure, will have to see what the bank says in a few weeks when I get back from placement. I have my camera, so rest assured that there will be so many pictures taken that I by the time they are all posted online I will be sick of looking at the computer screen!!

Well I think that's it for now. Nothing further to update but as soon as I hear anything more so will you, until then Hakuna Matata :D

Thursday, 28 April 2011

Can I see some ID please?

As you might be able to guess from the title of this post my visa arrived today :D they were really good too with timings although I'd make the error of asking for delivery between 8am and 10am and paid dearly in pennies but on the plus side my beautiful visa arrived about 9am this morning so all is well! There has been discussion over the need for ID for the visa and I did need mine although I've heard people say they didn't need there's suppose it just shows that some post men are more strict than others! lol But it's all sorted now and I am in possession of the visa.

I emailed yummy jobs about the preferences for roles and it's now too late to request which makes me a little sad but I guess it is my own fault I should've done the requesting earlier on in the year. It's just been such a crazy year so far with so much going on that role preferences didn't really cross my mind until now when it's too late, but as Kristen from yummy jobs said I will 'love the role' I'm given! I am sure I most certainly will.

I've been wandering around the internet and making little check lists in my mind for things I need to get before June! At the moment the list is growing and it's getting longer, I'll put my list here and finally into words, as keeping it in my mind just keeps meaning that as I'm adding one thing to it another just pops out of my mind! Yes they say brains are like sponges and sieves at the same time, well I'd believe that! 
  • Sun screen
  • Sunglasses that match Disney look
  • Combination padlock
  • After sun
  • Plain watch, all my watches are a little to girly and glittery I think
  • Swim suit
  • Insect repellent
That appears to be all I can remember right now although I know that is not all I need, this list seems deceivingly short! Ahh well I can always add to later, let me know if I missed anything that is so obvious!

So after the short list, which I swear is longer, I am also considering what is the best thing to do about phones whilst I'm away. I have a few choices, I can buy a cheap mobile and sim out there, just buy the sim out or order one here before I go and take my phone, but this option will require me to unlock my mobile. So it's a bit of a mind field, I know you have to pay to call and receives calls in the US so there is no way I'll be taking my UK sim with me despite the fact that it would never work as orange have prohibited the sims use abroad for their own special reasons I'm sure! Ok, sorry, that turned into a little bit of a rant didn't it, oops :/ 

Anyways moving on from the rant, it is the royal wedding tomorrow and another brilliant bank holiday :D so what did Disney do  to coincide with the wedding? They re-release a special version of Cinderella! Whether this was meticulously planned or a shear coincidence I don't know, but either way I think it's probably working to their advantage right now! Other than the news of the royal wedding, the first group of ICP'ers are heading over the pond this weekend! How exciting! Makes me a little jealous as I've still got to wait a while yet but still my time will come :D I wish them all the luck in the world and hope that they do have a 'magical' time out there :D