Saturday, 29 January 2011

Emails and a hoody :D...

Well I finally got my hoody yesterday! It's amazing! I have been wearing it almost non-stop so far, it is cold in my house though so I do have the perfect excuse to wear it :D anyways, Disney also sent out an email with a little video clip on it welcoming us to the program and with a check list for things to take with us. It's super exciting to be getting emails from Disney now :D Then yummy jobs also sent out an email with information about the disney packs in it to be sent out soon :D it's starting to seem a little more real now but I'm not sure if it will sink in completely. I can't wait to get the actual pack on paper it will seem more official then I'm sure.

My sister is off on a trip to Disneyland Paris next week so that should be fun but it seems a little unfair she's off there and I have a week of lectures and horrible assignments, but there is a magical disney light at the end of my tunnel :D yay a whole summer of living, staying and playing in Disney :D

I have been keeping my focus on Disney by listening to Disney music and DIS radio too, it means whilst I'm doing my work I can listen and look forward to the summer :) it helps me to get through the pain of having so much work to do and exams to revise for and take before I get to board the plane for the US! But all will be well I'm sure, it's always helpful to have something to look forward to when you have lots of work to do I find.

Yesterday I also booked my train tickets for the group meet in Birmingham in a few weeks. It should be an awesome day and I'm really excited to see Tangled that day too :D A little exciting day to look forward to on the road to disney :D so that's all sorted now, all I've got to do is get on the right train and find the cinema, but luckily my friend google maps should be able to help me there :D

Anyways this may be enough of a procrastination post now, maybe I should get back to those assignments. Shame none of them are about disney! Suppose that's what I get for doing a science degree!

Hakuna Matata :D
Have a magical day! :D

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