Monday, 10 January 2011

Oooo exciting :D

Hey, well a little late, but better than never, Happy New year to all, it is now officially the year of the mouse for the people doing ICP this summer, woop woop.

Well since my last blog, I have ordered my hoodie and am waiting for it to get here, they look pretty awesome from what I've seen so I'm pretty excited about it! Also I have finally have confirmation that my CRB form got to yummy jobs, it has taken forever, I sent it on December the 18th (my birthday!!) and it got there last wednesday so that took forever, eventhough it was christmas. Oh well it's all sorted now, I have flights, insurance, CRB form done and ordered my hoody. Just got to wait for the Visa stuff now ooo and the disney pack which should be here some time next month which will be super exciting :D

It's really weird and I still don't think it's really happening which makes me really excited for the summer :D people from uni and from home over christmas are starting to ask about disney stuff now which is really cool and it means that when they can't get me to shut up about it, they asked me, so I have a valid excuse :D woop woop well at the moment there are a lot of deadlines and work flying around for me and it's getting kinda stressy but thoughts of the summer will surely get me through :D it's one amazing thing to look forward to. Disney is the ultimate procrastination, but it is the best kind :D

Anywho I think that's all for now, will update with any more exciting news soon, night night all :D

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