Thursday, 31 March 2011

Disney pack :D

Hey, well it's been a little while again since my last blog but it has been a crazy few weeks really. 3 exams so far and still another to go. All these things before term ends next week means that my uni appear to think that we all have sub human perseverance and energy levels but hey it's good experience for the full time hours over the summer :D

I also finally got my disney pack from my uni on Monday (28/3/11) which is really cool :D it completely made my day as I wasn't hasving a great one. A simple and easy way to make me smile, remind me where I'll be living and working over the summer or show me anything disney related. :D As I have already organised my visa stuff and finally submitted the online application the pack just gives me all the forms and stuff I need to go to the appointment. It also included a cute little disney look book, complete with acceptable hair styles (for men), the job offer letter, a visa card and mears voucher as well as the visa forms and a sample housing agreement. So now I have all the information I need and just a few weeks until I head down to London for my embassy appointment, then I will be so close to going it will be unreal. I thought that the disney pack would make things seem more real to me but it actually hasn't it all still seems pretty surreal and especially as life has been pretty crazy with uni and exams at the moment. Hopefully things will all fit into place and June 19th will be here in no time!

I have also seen a really great role description video about attractions on the internet and this makes me really excited and intrigued about which attraction I will work at :D Not long now till the disney boat sails :D It's even closer for those going on the early dates, less than 2 months now! I can't believe how fast the countdown is going!

The weather at the moment is also really nice and sunny, in general, as sunny as england can be, and it's making me look forward to a summer full of sun too. Disney is imprinted on my brain :D and after my exams finish I will have lots of spare time to find out even more disney information and trivia and really pysch myself up for the best summer of a lifetime!

I think that's all for now, Hakunna Matata :D

Friday, 18 March 2011

Visa....oh and it's only 92 days!

Well it's been a while since I wrote a blog, far too long! Well not too much happened up until recently really, apart from the super exciting Birmingham ICP meet last month, which was awesome, it was great to see people and put real faces to facebook names :) also I went to nando's for the first time ever and was shown just how sensitive my taste buds really are when the mild chicken was far too spicy for me! ahh well, it was still fun :) There were mixed reviews on Tangled although I still thought it was pretty cool, although the characters looked a little too real for a disney film but other wise no other complaints :D I aslo found out that Cars 2 will be coming out soon too, so there will be a real disney feel going on with lots of disney/pixar films coming out :D Not long now, only 92 days to go now! So unreal!

I have now also booked my embassy interview, I haven't had my pack yet, just the visa form so I could get it booked over easter as my placement is for the whole of May. I wouldn't be able to get time off to go down to London then and I really do need a visa. So now that's sorted after an unallowed call, a database crash and confusion over which visa I needed! Then came the really interesting part to try to upload an 'acceptable' photo to the application, so much harder than you would ever think it could be to take a photo and post it but that is now done, am now just waiting for referees to be nice and say that I can use them as people to vouch for me for the visa and then I'm off again with the application :D woo hoo :D

Today I also got the email from yummy jobs to tell me that my disney pack will be arriving really soon so that is cool, I will be able to see what interesting things are going to happen. It will also give me another outlet for procrastincation from the nasty exams that I have starting next week! So soon! Thoughts of Disney and the summer will keep me on track, I hope, until June. So much is going on at the moment, it's all a little crazy, I think it's the manchester meet either this weekend or next weekend and I'd really love to be going to that one too but I think passing my exams would probably be a better option right now, I don't fancy an expensive return flight half way through the program so I can resit these exams :/

oooo exciting times, we have now gained more people to take over the manchester 11am virgin flight :D woop woop, there are now 12 of us on that flight, still room for more.....

Anyway I'm off now to actually revise (not to dream about disney) and wait for the eagerly anticipated disney pack :D

Hakuna matata :D