Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Dreaming of working for the mouse :D

Well I have received a text to say that my visa and passport will be returned tomorrow morning :D which is really good considering all the bank holidays going on at the moment.  I was kinda worried I wouldn't get it before I headed back up North to go on placement but now all seems good :D Just got to make sure I'm up to sign for the thing :D So that's all set now, just got to wait for further instruction which is awesome, only 52 days to go now until I leave the UK for the longest period in my whole life! It's getting really close and really exciting. Maybe a little scary too. I've never flown on my own before so that'll be a new experience for me but luckily there are now about 15 of us doing the disney ICP on the flight I'm going out on so I won't be alone for long! I think the reality of the whole thing is starting to sink in a little but I do have to keep pinching myself a little.

Also, I love it when you tell people what you're doing over the summer and they're like 'really, wow' it's an amazing feeling, working for the mouse seems to be a lot of people's dreams too :D I had one of these experiences today when I was minding my own business having my hair done and a lady in the hairdressers asked if I was working at Disney as I'd asked my hairdresser for a 'Disney look' classic hair style, which is a pretty vague description to give to a hairdresser I admit, and then I got to have an excited conversation about the 'happiest place on earth' and the sunshine state :D really made my day as well as having the sun shining! I can't wait to be there and have similar excited conversations with all the resorts guests :D

As time is going on I've also been thinking of attraction preferences and considering whether I'd like to request an attraction to work on, these aren't guaranteed but you don't get if you don't ask! I'm not sure if I want to request as if I don't it's all down to them and adds extra excitement to the whole experience! However there are a few attractions I'd rather dodge so there is always the chance of running the risk of getting one of these attractions. Where ever I am based I'm sure for an amazing summer and I know it will be just perfect. Despite this I have been thinking that I'd love to work on the Haunted Mansion or maybe on Soarin' as they are such cool themed attractions. One such a classic it is unmissable the other a contemporary masterpiece of technology :D Maybe I'll drop yummy jobs an email, maybe not, it feels a little like playing the lottery but without a cash prize :D

Anywho I'm going to go and resume my disney dreams.......
'Have a magical day'

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