Sunday, 24 April 2011

One step closer to the Mouse

Hey, well it's about time I update what has been going on with the Disney preparation. I have now finished all of my exams for second year! woop, well that is as long as they all went ok so fingers crossed for that or you'll be waving me goodbye in the middle of August, eek! Other than that only 2 assignments stand between me and the sunshine state so that is amazingly exciting and I really can't wait now, only 8 weeks, which is exactly 55 days, 20 hrs, 5 mins  from now :D tee hee in 8 weeks time I'll be on a plane destined for the 'happiest place on earth'! What a way to spend the summer :D The nice sunny weather we've been having has been making me excited to wake up to sunshine pretty much every day for 3 months! Beats the blues of the british summer :D

I have also had my Visa approved and am just waiting for it to find its way back to me sometime this week. The wait for the appointment took about 2 and half hours which was not too bad really, until you go outside and someone tells you that when they applied for their J1 visa it took them 40 minutes! That has to be a record of some kind?!?! ahh well it's all done now and the visa appointment gave me a great excuse for a little trip to London. I went with some of my family and we got to bask in the capitals awesome weather and horrendously busy streets (easter holidays, not a great time to visit London) which wouldn't have been helped by the run up to easter and then the royal wedding. On the plus side it was still a nice visit and I now have a visa and only the program assessment fee stands between me and the summer of a lifetime!

With exams finished as well I've had a lot more time to think about what the summer holds! I've finally got my hands on some US dollars which really does make it feel a little more real. And I've been checking out the changes and things going on in and around Walt Disney World :) the fantasyland expansion and the re-opening of Star Tours :D There was also an ICP meet in London on the day of my embassy appointment, talk about organisation skills on my part so I could've gone down if I'd planned better but I hope everyone had a great time who did go, there is going to be a Liverpool meet in a few weeks now too so that'll be awesome as I'm hoping to manage to get along to that despite being on placement as off a week on Tuesday :D

Anyways I hope you're all having a great Easter and holiday and don't forget to 'have a magical day' :D

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