Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Electronic Mail :)

Well hello again everyone, here is another post for the marvellous month of May. Which pretty much means that I have way too much time on my hands so that I can blog this much, but never mind at least this will document my last few weeks in the UK before I head off to the states for the best summer ever!

So today is May 24 and that means only 1 thing, another batch of ICP'ers are on their way to Disney World right now :D (well many will probably be there by now but some may still be travelling) this made me a little sad to know that I still have 25 days to wait until I get to travel across the pond. I was making my way to placement today thinking about all those people out in the airports waiting for the start of a much more exciting day, but nevermind my day was a good one and it is only 25 days, and the way things have been going so far means that the days will fly! Although I can't deny I am a little jealous of the May 31 people too who get to go next week!

Further information from last time include another email from Disney, complete with the usual amazing video accompaniment :) The email is generally to let is know about what will happen and what we need to do on arrival to orlando. I hope this all goes swimmingly :) as I have visited orlando before I have a basic concept of the airport, however whether I will remember any of this in arrival is another thing! However as always it is awesome to receive emails from Disney reminding me that this whole thing really is real, although it still hasn't sunk in yet!

Ok, so another useless fact for you, I have now also completed the 30 day disney challenge! Which means that time really is flying as I can remember starting the challege over easter to keep my mind focused :P it has done just that and made me very excited for the plans of what is to come over the next few months! It also gave me food for thought about all of the films and disney things that might have just slipped my mind in recent times! I also got lots of comments of a similar nature from friends on facebook where I posted the challenge :D

So I think that's enough for now night night everyone :D

Saturday, 21 May 2011

5 weeks seemed like ages, but 4 weeks, well that's a whole other story!

Hey everyone, here is another blog for you, not sure how much more I have to say but the panic and excitement really has started setting in now as tomorrow it will be 4 weeks until I get to go out to the states! That means it's only 28 days, 21 hrs, 53 mins!!! That is insane! I can remember the initial group interview last year and it only seems like yesterday and we were all holding our breath to find out if we'd made it! I still don't think it has sunk in, I still don't believe I'm going maybe that's a good thing? It means that I won't drive too many people insane with my excessive countdown!! But everyone who doesn't know i'm going and then finds out is pretty amazed about it all so I'm thinking there will be lots of disney discussion both before I go and when I come back. At least if somebody else brings it up in conversation they can't be mad at me for then non-stop spurting out random information and excitement about the summer that is ahead of me!

Well as I was saying about the increased blogging to dispel boredom whilst on placement I am now 3 weeks through a 4 week placement. So that means only 1 week left of it and then it will be simply the crazy countdown to disney ICP :D

Other than that I was hanging around the facebook group for all the people on the virgin 11am flight on 19th June and have seen that people are getting their families to bring them to the airport. I love this idea and would save so much money (for me) on a taxi however I know that if my mum is there it will not be a pretty sight for the other 15 people as when she cries, it makes me cry, I don't like seeing people upset so therefore I think this way is much safer for me, for her and also for everyone else on the flight! But this does mean that I need to book a taxi to manchester airport really soon, I've been kinda putting it off, not sure why really, but as soon as placement is over next weekend I will be booking that taxi.

In other news this week I also received an email from Disney! It was a 'gentle' reminder of the Disney look, to reiterate the beautiful detail provided for us in the very pretty disney look book :D and this also meant that there was another video for us to check out with the crazy guy who doesn't follow any of the disney look guidelines! I can't remember their names but if you've seen the videos you will know who I'm talking about! Anyways apparently there will be more of these exciting Disney emails to come over the next few weeks before departure. One of which will be for us to pay the Program Assessment Fee (PAF) of $100. So that'll be the last big payout for the program, I think, until rent starts being deducted from pay packets.

I was worried at first that I would have to pay a month/weeks rent up front when I arrived in Orlando but have been told that this is not the case, the PAF is all we need and the rent just starts being deducted when we get paid, so that's another worry off of the mind :)

Ok I think that may be enough of a splurge for today :) Have a magical day everybody.

Hakuna Matata

Friday, 13 May 2011

36 days, 14 hrs, 54 mins until your next flight with us...

Hellooo again people :D I'm back again during my placement solitude to spread some excitement for the amazing adventure that awaits in 36 days!! I can't believe it's just a little over a month until I can officially say that I work for Disney and technically work for mickey mouse :D and it's all go for planning, although I'm still a little behind with the purchases ready for the trip, but as soon as I get back home I'll be getting everything else I need, and one of the most important things left on my list is sun screen and considering my ridiculously pale and sensitive skin I am really going to need lots of the stuff! I'd love it if I actually tanned for the first time in my life this summer, I should have enough opportunity, it just depends whether I burn horrifically and look like an over-roasted turkey by the end of the program! But for now I'm not worried.

Other than the pale skin protection I can't wait for June 19th and some lovely people are meeting in Liverpool tomorrow for a bit of a 'meet-up' similar to the one I went to in Birmingham in February? March? One or the other, either way it was amazing but it was so long ago now! Time flies when you're having fun, or doing so much uni work you think you're going to die! lol but it'll all be worth it in a few short days :D I would've expected it too feel like forever waiting for the summer as usually when you're waiting for something you want so bad, like when we were waiting for the emails to find out if we got in or not, it takes forever and you're always looking to the future so I guess being manically busy at uni this past term or so has meant that disney has only been inching ever closer without me giving it my full attention, I was going to say without giving it much thought, but that would've been a complete and utter lie as it is always always on my mind :D and it still hasn't sunk in that Disney is where I'll get to reside for a whole summer!

Recently we also received some emails from yummy travel advertising trips and stuff around the US for after we finish and maybe that will make things easier when it comes to planning my 11 ad-lib travelling days before I return to the UK, which will, no doubt, be raining and probably feel freezing if we've been enjoying a summer of practically living in a sauna :D ahh well the weather has been giving me my first glimpses at the lovely heavy torrential, but very short-lived, rain showers we'll get used to in Florida. One moment blue skies, the next the wind is up and the rain is hammering down. 5 minutes later and the suns back out! But it's just not quite Florida is it, seeing as the temperature is considerably lower!

The virgin flight from Manchester on June 19th is ever growing and I was worried I didn't have a ticket and wasn't going to be getting one either, so I dropped STA an email, I booked with STA, and apparently my itinerary itself is a ticket. Who'd have thought that with you'd only need an itinerary! Has anyone else been told this or is it just me, I really don't fancy turning up at the airport and them saying I can't go! That'd be a complete nightmare! Oh well, we'll believe STA for now and think positively :D

Hakunna matata and good luck to anyone doing exams and stuff now :D

Monday, 9 May 2011


Helloooo, well I think it's time again for another blog although not too much has happened but we'll give it a shot as I am getting really excited for the summer now especially as the May 1st people are now all out there enjoying the sun and some of their photos have already been put up on facebook to whet our appetites! Other than this I also have lots of time to search out disney amazingness as all of my assignments are done for second year!!! So now I can actually use Disney as a valid distraction from boredom :D it is no longer procrastination :D woop

Well as of last week, and for the next 3 weeks, I am on placement, kinda in the middle of nowhere but not and I have the dreams of Disney sustaining me through the middle-of-nowhere-ness lol. It should be a pretty awesome placement as it is kinda what I'm going to be doing with my life!! Well that is the plan (for now).We shall see how the next 3 weeks go anywho and I am literally on the countdown now till I take my next plane ride!! It was 6 weeks yesterday so that makes it 40 days 13 hours and 27 minutes until I board my 11am flight in Manchester!! And out flight is ever growing now there are 15 of us on the flight which will make the flight awesome and hopefully will help the time fly as the flight time was extended mysteriously!

On my list of important things to do in the next 6 weeks or so, is finding a US sim card and/or unlocking my phone so that I can sort it all out ready for the summer. Skype is now all set up and my parents had a really exciting time finding out about skype, it literally amazed them. Apart from the fact they keep complaining that they can hear voices on the line when there is no one here! So goodness knows what they're going to be like when the connection has to travel tran-atlantic! Hopefully though it will all work out, at least this way I don't have to scrabble to find pay phones to let them know I am ok which would have been an interesting feat I'm sure when we're working and playing hard!

On a more fun note there have been a few meet up meals planned for people on the ICP who have met on facebook/facebook meets! It has been planned that on June 20th we head to downtown disney and have dinner maybe in T-rex or around the area and bask in the summer sunshine :) for those over 21 I'm sure there'll be a few sneaky drinks going on, for those of us under 21 we can get our high from the sun, or maybe some sugar?! lol you don't need the alcohol to have a good time so I think Disney itself will be enough excitement to cause prolonged and never-ending hyperness for this summer, well until we all collapse of exhaustion lol :D

I am also bowing to the pressure for videos and vlogs I think, I'm getting very tempted to buy a video recorder and at least record/post videos of the summer even if I never do a vlog. I'm not sure, will have to see what the bank says in a few weeks when I get back from placement. I have my camera, so rest assured that there will be so many pictures taken that I by the time they are all posted online I will be sick of looking at the computer screen!!

Well I think that's it for now. Nothing further to update but as soon as I hear anything more so will you, until then Hakuna Matata :D