Friday, 13 May 2011

36 days, 14 hrs, 54 mins until your next flight with us...

Hellooo again people :D I'm back again during my placement solitude to spread some excitement for the amazing adventure that awaits in 36 days!! I can't believe it's just a little over a month until I can officially say that I work for Disney and technically work for mickey mouse :D and it's all go for planning, although I'm still a little behind with the purchases ready for the trip, but as soon as I get back home I'll be getting everything else I need, and one of the most important things left on my list is sun screen and considering my ridiculously pale and sensitive skin I am really going to need lots of the stuff! I'd love it if I actually tanned for the first time in my life this summer, I should have enough opportunity, it just depends whether I burn horrifically and look like an over-roasted turkey by the end of the program! But for now I'm not worried.

Other than the pale skin protection I can't wait for June 19th and some lovely people are meeting in Liverpool tomorrow for a bit of a 'meet-up' similar to the one I went to in Birmingham in February? March? One or the other, either way it was amazing but it was so long ago now! Time flies when you're having fun, or doing so much uni work you think you're going to die! lol but it'll all be worth it in a few short days :D I would've expected it too feel like forever waiting for the summer as usually when you're waiting for something you want so bad, like when we were waiting for the emails to find out if we got in or not, it takes forever and you're always looking to the future so I guess being manically busy at uni this past term or so has meant that disney has only been inching ever closer without me giving it my full attention, I was going to say without giving it much thought, but that would've been a complete and utter lie as it is always always on my mind :D and it still hasn't sunk in that Disney is where I'll get to reside for a whole summer!

Recently we also received some emails from yummy travel advertising trips and stuff around the US for after we finish and maybe that will make things easier when it comes to planning my 11 ad-lib travelling days before I return to the UK, which will, no doubt, be raining and probably feel freezing if we've been enjoying a summer of practically living in a sauna :D ahh well the weather has been giving me my first glimpses at the lovely heavy torrential, but very short-lived, rain showers we'll get used to in Florida. One moment blue skies, the next the wind is up and the rain is hammering down. 5 minutes later and the suns back out! But it's just not quite Florida is it, seeing as the temperature is considerably lower!

The virgin flight from Manchester on June 19th is ever growing and I was worried I didn't have a ticket and wasn't going to be getting one either, so I dropped STA an email, I booked with STA, and apparently my itinerary itself is a ticket. Who'd have thought that with you'd only need an itinerary! Has anyone else been told this or is it just me, I really don't fancy turning up at the airport and them saying I can't go! That'd be a complete nightmare! Oh well, we'll believe STA for now and think positively :D

Hakunna matata and good luck to anyone doing exams and stuff now :D

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  1. Hey Laura! Just a little message about your flight ticket :)

    Don't worry about it - in deed, all you need is that itinerary that STA send you when you book a flight with them. We technically only have e-tickets when you purchase a flight online, which is practically a number. And that number is somewhere on the itinerary. So print that out and you can't go wrong :)

    Plus they've got all our details and stuff on the system. It'll all be fine :)