Saturday, 21 May 2011

5 weeks seemed like ages, but 4 weeks, well that's a whole other story!

Hey everyone, here is another blog for you, not sure how much more I have to say but the panic and excitement really has started setting in now as tomorrow it will be 4 weeks until I get to go out to the states! That means it's only 28 days, 21 hrs, 53 mins!!! That is insane! I can remember the initial group interview last year and it only seems like yesterday and we were all holding our breath to find out if we'd made it! I still don't think it has sunk in, I still don't believe I'm going maybe that's a good thing? It means that I won't drive too many people insane with my excessive countdown!! But everyone who doesn't know i'm going and then finds out is pretty amazed about it all so I'm thinking there will be lots of disney discussion both before I go and when I come back. At least if somebody else brings it up in conversation they can't be mad at me for then non-stop spurting out random information and excitement about the summer that is ahead of me!

Well as I was saying about the increased blogging to dispel boredom whilst on placement I am now 3 weeks through a 4 week placement. So that means only 1 week left of it and then it will be simply the crazy countdown to disney ICP :D

Other than that I was hanging around the facebook group for all the people on the virgin 11am flight on 19th June and have seen that people are getting their families to bring them to the airport. I love this idea and would save so much money (for me) on a taxi however I know that if my mum is there it will not be a pretty sight for the other 15 people as when she cries, it makes me cry, I don't like seeing people upset so therefore I think this way is much safer for me, for her and also for everyone else on the flight! But this does mean that I need to book a taxi to manchester airport really soon, I've been kinda putting it off, not sure why really, but as soon as placement is over next weekend I will be booking that taxi.

In other news this week I also received an email from Disney! It was a 'gentle' reminder of the Disney look, to reiterate the beautiful detail provided for us in the very pretty disney look book :D and this also meant that there was another video for us to check out with the crazy guy who doesn't follow any of the disney look guidelines! I can't remember their names but if you've seen the videos you will know who I'm talking about! Anyways apparently there will be more of these exciting Disney emails to come over the next few weeks before departure. One of which will be for us to pay the Program Assessment Fee (PAF) of $100. So that'll be the last big payout for the program, I think, until rent starts being deducted from pay packets.

I was worried at first that I would have to pay a month/weeks rent up front when I arrived in Orlando but have been told that this is not the case, the PAF is all we need and the rent just starts being deducted when we get paid, so that's another worry off of the mind :)

Ok I think that may be enough of a splurge for today :) Have a magical day everybody.

Hakuna Matata

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