Monday, 9 May 2011


Helloooo, well I think it's time again for another blog although not too much has happened but we'll give it a shot as I am getting really excited for the summer now especially as the May 1st people are now all out there enjoying the sun and some of their photos have already been put up on facebook to whet our appetites! Other than this I also have lots of time to search out disney amazingness as all of my assignments are done for second year!!! So now I can actually use Disney as a valid distraction from boredom :D it is no longer procrastination :D woop

Well as of last week, and for the next 3 weeks, I am on placement, kinda in the middle of nowhere but not and I have the dreams of Disney sustaining me through the middle-of-nowhere-ness lol. It should be a pretty awesome placement as it is kinda what I'm going to be doing with my life!! Well that is the plan (for now).We shall see how the next 3 weeks go anywho and I am literally on the countdown now till I take my next plane ride!! It was 6 weeks yesterday so that makes it 40 days 13 hours and 27 minutes until I board my 11am flight in Manchester!! And out flight is ever growing now there are 15 of us on the flight which will make the flight awesome and hopefully will help the time fly as the flight time was extended mysteriously!

On my list of important things to do in the next 6 weeks or so, is finding a US sim card and/or unlocking my phone so that I can sort it all out ready for the summer. Skype is now all set up and my parents had a really exciting time finding out about skype, it literally amazed them. Apart from the fact they keep complaining that they can hear voices on the line when there is no one here! So goodness knows what they're going to be like when the connection has to travel tran-atlantic! Hopefully though it will all work out, at least this way I don't have to scrabble to find pay phones to let them know I am ok which would have been an interesting feat I'm sure when we're working and playing hard!

On a more fun note there have been a few meet up meals planned for people on the ICP who have met on facebook/facebook meets! It has been planned that on June 20th we head to downtown disney and have dinner maybe in T-rex or around the area and bask in the summer sunshine :) for those over 21 I'm sure there'll be a few sneaky drinks going on, for those of us under 21 we can get our high from the sun, or maybe some sugar?! lol you don't need the alcohol to have a good time so I think Disney itself will be enough excitement to cause prolonged and never-ending hyperness for this summer, well until we all collapse of exhaustion lol :D

I am also bowing to the pressure for videos and vlogs I think, I'm getting very tempted to buy a video recorder and at least record/post videos of the summer even if I never do a vlog. I'm not sure, will have to see what the bank says in a few weeks when I get back from placement. I have my camera, so rest assured that there will be so many pictures taken that I by the time they are all posted online I will be sick of looking at the computer screen!!

Well I think that's it for now. Nothing further to update but as soon as I hear anything more so will you, until then Hakuna Matata :D

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