Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Electronic Mail :)

Well hello again everyone, here is another post for the marvellous month of May. Which pretty much means that I have way too much time on my hands so that I can blog this much, but never mind at least this will document my last few weeks in the UK before I head off to the states for the best summer ever!

So today is May 24 and that means only 1 thing, another batch of ICP'ers are on their way to Disney World right now :D (well many will probably be there by now but some may still be travelling) this made me a little sad to know that I still have 25 days to wait until I get to travel across the pond. I was making my way to placement today thinking about all those people out in the airports waiting for the start of a much more exciting day, but nevermind my day was a good one and it is only 25 days, and the way things have been going so far means that the days will fly! Although I can't deny I am a little jealous of the May 31 people too who get to go next week!

Further information from last time include another email from Disney, complete with the usual amazing video accompaniment :) The email is generally to let is know about what will happen and what we need to do on arrival to orlando. I hope this all goes swimmingly :) as I have visited orlando before I have a basic concept of the airport, however whether I will remember any of this in arrival is another thing! However as always it is awesome to receive emails from Disney reminding me that this whole thing really is real, although it still hasn't sunk in yet!

Ok, so another useless fact for you, I have now also completed the 30 day disney challenge! Which means that time really is flying as I can remember starting the challege over easter to keep my mind focused :P it has done just that and made me very excited for the plans of what is to come over the next few months! It also gave me food for thought about all of the films and disney things that might have just slipped my mind in recent times! I also got lots of comments of a similar nature from friends on facebook where I posted the challenge :D

So I think that's enough for now night night everyone :D

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