Sunday, 5 June 2011

2 weeks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well,  it is now 2 weeks until I embark on an epic summer, which does not seem real. Since last time we spoke, I have had another email from disney requesting the program assessment fee, which as of yet I have not paid due to low funds, however it is the next thing on my list. This week I also finally got around to booking the taxi to the airport :D 7am taxi, not too bad, for my 11am flight! Just thinking of the fact that in 2 weeks time, right now, I will be in Florida and melting just a little in the heat!

People currently out there on the earlier dates are churning out some awesome photos on facebook, making us all jealous and super excited for our arrival date, which is edging ever closer! Further developments in the world of planning for a summer in the states include the purchase of sun cream, which has been increased in factor strength after getting massively burnt on friday in the UK! So now I will be wearing no lower than SPF 30 in Orlando! Whether this will allow me to tan at all will be seen but I don't fancy looking like the lobster I was turned into this weekend! Friends have 'kindly' suggested that I should work on any attractions related to the Little Mermaid so that I could be Sebastian! Oh well, this will go down and I learned a valuable lesson about the sunshine! I have also been informed that my parents have managed to get me a UK-US plug adapter and a nice combination lock for my locker, so I'm looking more set for the summer :D

It is now also getting to the stage where I am almost bragging about the summer, but not, because people are starting to ask what're people's plans for the summer and well I'm not going to lie to them. I think some people are finding that my plans outshine theirs :s although my intention was never to do this or to brag about it because in all fairness with the amount of hours I'm expecting to work I'm not sure yet if it's worth bragging about! lol the sun and living in the states might be however! Oh well too late now, plans are all set.

Now on the final count down I have been making the most of seeing all of my uni friends here and will be heading home for a while later this week to see the family before I jet off. This is slowly making it seem more real but I think my friends seem to have grasped its reality better than I have yet! Oh and on another note my SEVIS fee receipt finally showed up last week, the printed one not the electronic one, they take forever to come through, it really is a good job that you don't have to wait for them to go to the embassy or none of us would ever get out there! Ok that's enough complaining and rambling for one post :D

Have a magical day (and week) everybody :D

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