Friday, 10 June 2011

All set and raring to go!!!!

Well it is now officially only 8 days until I head to the sunshine state!!! eeekkk!!! well since last time I posted I have now paid my program assessment fee, filled in my onboard paper work and basically signed my life away to the disney company (for the summer) so exciting! I have now also finally got my swimming costume and stuff and finally think that I have bought everything I need now apart from some insect repellent but that can be bought there if needs be. Other wise everything is set and we're just playing the waiting game!!

I am home now for a little while and relaxing and making the most of having little to do, as I'm sure as soon as June 19th comes around there will not be a day when I am not busy! My sun burn has now also calmed down, a bit, and this makes me a little more hopeful about the burning and browning that may happen whilst I am in florida! :D

Our flight has now also gained two more people, so we are on 17 now, we really are going for a takeover! :D everything is sorted, I just have to pack all my stuff into a case weighing less than 23kg!?! So I guess that is the next challenge for me to complete before I get to take the trip of a lifetime.I also need to measure my hand luggage to check if it fits the measurement allowed for my airline and also choose my reading material for the plane and trip, I have all the books ready I just have to pick the ones that I want to read when I'm out in Walt Disney World :D

We have also received a few more emails from disney regarding little reminders and stuff advertising for jobs in Disneyland Paris, which makes me wish that I could speak fluent french, unfortunately I can't :( but I could learn lol

Anyways I'm off now to continue increasing my level of excitement in other ways other than blogging!!
8 days! 8 days! 8 days! also I have attached a little youtube video about the role I will be playing in walt disney's show :D

Hakuna matata

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