Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Heave ho, heave ho, it's back to Chester we go...

Hello Mickey Mouse

Well after a minor panic about online paperwork for my flight to the states I have returned to my uni house earlier than planned, but this has made me feel a lot better as I have now completed the advanced passenger information and done the first draft of my packing, there are just a few things to add and move around now and then to weigh the case to check if it all fits in with the requirements for my flight! This does however mean that I have again had to lug a piece of my life up the country on a slow, delayed and packed train, which is always a lovely feat to attempt whilst carrying a suitcase and multiple bags. So if you saw a slightly burnt girl carrying too many things on a train today, you never know, it could've been me!

On a happier note, today I also received an email from Disney with arrival information and reminders of what to bring and things which was very exciting as well as a similar good luck email from yummy jobs. I think I seriously need to start pinching myself that it is all really happening and it's all happening this sunday! It's making me a bit nervous to be honest, but here I feel less nervous than I did at home now that some things productive have been done and I'm actually starting to get excited again about the whole thing so that's always a bonus :D

I have now purchased everything I need for the summer apart from one thing. Insect repellent. Which I'm holding out on as I'm a little dubious about it as I bought insect repellent in the past and it actually attracted many many insects to me, which wasn't pleasant. I will go buy some before sunday and have been given a few recommendations so all should work out a little better this time around! I'm also considering going out on a hunt for vacuum bags for my sleeping bag and pillows as they are taking up a horrendous amount of space in my case right now, they're making me take shoes out of my case, which if you're a girl, you will understand, is not a good thing! But oh well it means that I will have to go on a shoe shopping spree :) just thinking about it makes me happy :D

I just realised it would've been interesting for me to have taken photos of my attempts at packing this evening, they would have made for some comical viewing but alas it's too late, maybe there's time for more on final pack and on unpack out in the states?! Case unpacking explosion I think. Other than that all this packing has tired me out, I think I need to go and lie down :P

Hakuna matata and see you all soon :D

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