Saturday, 18 June 2011

It's finally here!! Like I can sleep now!!!!

Well ok this is a little late for a post but I just thought I'd slip one in before bed, it is now officially less than 12 hours until my flight to Orlando, which I have been waiting for for nearly 7 months! Which is absolutely crazy!! I cannot describe how excited I am nor how scared either, it is crazy!! I have had a really nice few days leading up to me leaving the UK spent with family and friends and making the most of the UK. I had a nice traditional carvery and had an amazing cake which wished me much fun in the USA! Exciting times all in all. 

Now it's just a matter of hours before I'll be awake again and getting ready to leave this house for the last time and make the hop across the pond for the summer of a lifetime! My bags are packed, my clothes are ready and my alarm is on. All that rests between me and the aeroplane is a few hours. I have checked in online so I just need to pick up my ticket and boarding pass and check my bags in and then go and find the amazing but fairly large and no-doubt noisy crowd of soon to be Disney cast members!! This is so surreal, I have been thinking all day that this isn't really real that it isn't really happening to me, so we shall see what the dawn holds! But for now I'm off to bed to try to get some sleep, emphasis there on the try!!!!

Anyways, see you all state side :D 

Hakunna matata :D:D:D:D

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