Wednesday, 6 July 2011

This is a little overdue...

Well because I haven't blogged in the 2 and a half weeks that I've been in Orlando I now have a lot to fit into one blog, so here goes.

The long flight to Orlando was good, watching Tangled on the plane and using the new planes technology to skip to the best parts of the film and confusing Collette when my film was ahead of hers as I started the film after she did! When we arrived (early) we took forever getting through immigration. We were all taken into a separate room at the airport and told to wait for them to do some processing of our visa stuff, so after about an hour or so in the airport we finally got on the bus to vista, which is where the excitement starts, not. The bus driver was confused and didn't seem to know where vista is and he dropped off every other group on the bus first, meaning that it took 2 hours on the bus to get to vista and even then the bus driver tried to drive away from vista again and got lost in it's massive size! Anyways when we finally managed to escape the clutches of the bus driver, we were welcomed to Orlando with a little summer lightning and thunder, before being whisked through the welcome process. Then I was taken over to my apartment in vista where I met my 4 other room mates and was then joined by my room mate (who also goes to my uni and was on the same plane as me, by coincidence). After this craziness and unpacking we headed out to Walmart to pick up sheets, pillows and food stuff. Which meant by the end of it we were like the walking dead, by the end of it i'd been up for more than 24 hours and trying to shop when that tired is not fun! But we were finally in Orlando!!! 

Next day we went to orientation day 1, which involved getting lots of paper work, signing lots of things and having a long talk at the commons with smiley Sarah! This lasted most of the day and I found out that I was working in Downtown Disney west side but not on which ''attraction''. In the evening we went to Downtown Disney for dinner and to check it out. After waiting for about an hour we went for dinner in the rainforest cafe, where I had never eaten before. There were about 10 of us sat dazed and hungry around the table taking in all of the animals moving around us! It was a really nice meal :D After that it was back to the bus stop which is to  become my most visited spot in the whole of walt disney world.

Tuesday was orientation day 2, which didn't last very long, it was about an hour to go through and fill in payroll forms and to get role information. Here I was told that I was working ticket ops at Cirque du Soleil which surprised me considering my role is in attractions. After this a few of us headed over to the pool to try it out and to soak up a bit of the florida sun.

Traditions was on wednesday, bright and early at 8am! It involved finding out things about the company and it's policies and history, it also involved a tour of part of the magic kingdom in lovely business attire, to check out Safe D and the four keys in action. At traditions we also got our name badges and disney IDs which meant that in the afternoon we headed to Magic Kingdom. We met Mickey and Minnie and went on a few attractions, later when only myself and Collette were left in the park we saw some other ICPs who we'd met and then we went to watch the main street electrical parade and fireworks, which were amazing :D

Thursday was my orientation day at downtown disney. Mel, Amy, Siobhan and I got the really early (on-request) bus to be nice and early for the 8am start and still managed to be 'late' due to being told to go to the wrong place and no one letting us know we were in the wrong place! But it was sorted and we just finished a little late, the day involved information about downtown and a tour of the area so we could get an idea of the locations and things available to guests. 

After this I had friday off and I can't remember what happened on the fri, I have a funny feeling I went to Epcot but I'm not 100% sure as I'm writing this blog too far away from the date! The next day was my ticketing class at disney university, it made me excited but scared for my role as there was so much to remember and so much to do. 

The next two days were my days off and I went to Hollywood studios on the sunday, watched Beauty and the Beast and went on tower of terror and rock'n'roller coaster. In the evening we went to house of blues for dinner and then went to house of blues, which was crazy busy and weird to be out knowing that I'm now suddenly not old enough to drink. It was a good night :)

Monday, Heather, Ashleigh, Jenny and I went to Cast connections near magic kingdom and did a bit of discount retail therapy, then me and Ashleigh went to the magic kingdom in the evening and did lots of attractions which was really good although splash mountain stopped a few times whilst we were on it. In general 2 awesome days off :D

This seems like a good place to leave it for now, in the next blog I will tell you all about my training and role and hours and stuff to do with Cirque :D 

Hakunna matata :D

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