Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Let's procrastinate....

So hello and welcome to the last week of 2011! Christmas is officially over for another year, hope you all got lots of lovely things and made the most of having family around if this was the case :) I enjoyed a quiet Christmas with my family. I got Tangled for Christmas so had a bit of a Disney evening yesterday watching it and enjoying its Disney beauty :) such a cute movie!

Now is the time for me to do work for uni really, but I just don't want to, but I'm running out of reasons not to do it! :-/ I have an assignment to finish and my mass of a dissertation to begin the write up for. It'll be a long haul and no doubt there will be a lot of Disney music and motivational songs in the mix to help me get through it. It is kind of important that I actually work hard on it! It will be fine I'm sure though, I seem to be on track with it, well I hope so :)

Other than this I have suggested to all the other ICPs for 2012 to design and get a hoody designed for us and so far a great design has been created and I'm thinking most people are pretty happy with it :) we shall just see what the consensus is and then hopefully get some quotes sorted for the new year! Exciting times, you wouldn't think it but it's much easier to find people in matching hoodies than trying to memorise everyones faces! There are too many faces from facebook plus people often look so different when you meet for them for real! So I figured hoodies would be an awesome tool to use once again :D

Still awaiting confirmation of my CRB hitting the Yummy Jobs offices! Should be there by now though :D Was just pondering the next steps for the program last night:

1. Disney Pack (Mid February)
2. Visa paper work
3. SEVIS fee
4. Visa Interview
5. Visa approval and arrival
6. Pay program assessment fee
7. Receive a ton of Disney welcome emails
8. Fly
9. Live it!

Living at Vista Way most probably. Reminds me of the Vista Way song, here it is if you haven't seen or heard it. I didn't find its lyrics to be true but that could be because I lived in a wellness (under 21) apartment and my room mates didn't party in vista.

At least that's how I remember it! Don't think I missed anything important out! Hope not.

                  TTFN :D

Friday, 23 December 2011

Christmas is coming, the geese are getting fat....

Hello once again faithful readers, or person stumbling across my little blog :)

Well it is now less than 1 day until Christmas Day and although it feels very un-festive to me at the moment, it is still very exciting :) In a last attempt, I am listening to Christmas songs and carols tonight to try to remind me of the impending holiday :) It is an important holiday but I think the older I get the more disillusioned I become about what people have turned it into. As the song  below points out, by Taylor Swift, Christmas must be something more...

Anyway on another exciting note. Today I received airmail all the way from Michigan and my friend from the program, Ayla :). The letter completely made my day and made me smile from ear to ear. I love unexpected things to cherish and remind you just how important people and friends are to you :) where would we be without them! I also gained another Christmas card from another ICP friend, Zoe, one of our fab 5, who I miss so much! These lovely ladies are certainly adding to my very small Christmas card collection this year, and I love cards :D

Today, despite what I expected, has been a very productive day for uni work. I have almost completed one assignment, (I had already started it), checked one more thing off of my to-do list and started to edit another assignment. I think I'd better call it a night now though really. My quality of work dwindled a few hours ago I think!

Back onto ICP news. Well there is no new news really, I am in the process of waiting for confirmation of my CRB form getting to yummy, which I will not get until after Christmas now but that's ok. Then I will be awaiting my Disney pack in February. I also received an email the other day about Universal, Orlando who are now also recruiting through yummy jobs! The email read 'would you like to work for Universal?' Although their program had crossed my mind, it was always second best to me and I got the prize turkey once again :D


oh and Merry Christmas; Happy Holidays; Feliz Navidad....

Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Getting tetchy...

Well time for another post perhaps :)

I have been trying to put the ICP from my mind to focus on uni things so that I don't start to panic about my flight price soaring so I can't afford it but just going through a mini panic over prices now, which is not good, but hey ho, it will all work out hopefully and it will all work out well :)

I also emailed about the internships in Epcot and AK as suggested by a random cast member to my mum whilst on vacation. Sadly you have to be studying at a US college, although you don't need to be a US citizen. So perhaps if I want it enough I will go do a post-grad in the US and apply for an internship to spend as much time as possible within the Happiest Place on Earth :D

An exciting package arrived yesterday from one of my summer 2011 ICP friends, Ashleigh :) she sent me birthday and christmas presents, it was so exciting I never receive packages :D she also sent a cute congratulations card complete with mickey mouse stickers from the summer. I remember the day she got given almost half a roll of the stickers, it was awesome. Well it was her birthday :D

Thinking about the summer reminds me of our last day out in MK. We were stood awaiting the parade to come down main street. It was threatening rain and we were scared we wouldn't get to see the parade that one last time! But eventually, quite late I have to admit, the floats were coming down the street and we were all clapping and smiling along. We were stood next to an english family and we were all wearing the 'I'm celebrating' pins, except we had changed them to say 'I'm NOT celebrating my last day as a CM' and we were asked by our new friends what CM was. It is the shortened word for cast member, the pins are pretty small after all! We were asked what we had been doing and where we all had worked. It is certainly one way to relive an entire summer in about 5 minutes! I hope eventhough we were almost ex-cast members we still spread a little bit of pixie dust their way too :D

Talking about pixie dust, that reminds me of the mickey mouse confetti in some of my birthday presents and the edible mickey mouse confetti in disney itself! Oh well I think I might need to bring this blog to a close it is just turning into a reminiscent-fest! oh dear.

Have a magical day guys :D

Monday, 19 December 2011

CRB and reaching the legal drinking age :-) .....

Well hello there

I have now officially started the journey into the happiest place on earth once again. Over the weekend I received my CRB form in the post from Yummy Jobs and filled it in. It is winging its way back to Essex for checking and sending off to the kind people who lessened by monetary burden by £60! Oh well, it will be worth the penny-loss. Other than this it is now time to search for flights and look towards summer 2012! I have been keeping my eyes out for the best deals and prices are looking very similar to last year for a lovely direct flight with virgin from manchester. I will not be booking until the new year but I have my eyes firmly set on the 11am virgin flight on  sunday June 10th :D hopefully this will mean my uni friends also get this flight as well as all the other wonderful people who I've met via facebook who will also be flying with virgin :D excitingly exciting times :D

Ok, so the flights are on the radar, the CRB is done (well for my part), next on the list; waiting for paper work and further instruction. Next there will be the Disney pack arrival, probably around the end of February with the lovely Disney look book, and other exciting forms and information. This will then lead the way for the booking of a thrilling visa appointment in the US embassy in the capital! It is one scary place! But for now there isn't much else to do apart from chill, well do work, enjoy Christmas and dream of a magical new year :D

This weekend it was my birthday, not just any birthday, my 21st birthday! So this means that I will be of the legal drinking age for the first time in the US! This is exciting news as it will mean that if I choose to drink, which I probably will, there will be worries for my deportation from the country :D woop woop. It also means an over 21 apartment in housing, which could be good or bad, depending on working hours and how many party-animals I live with! eek! For my birthday my friends went a little Disney crazy. I am not complaining by no means, but wow so much Disney! I got Now! That's what I call Disney, for a little light listening, Disney room spray so my room can smell magical, and a Mickey Mouse mug to make meal times special! There will be no need for me to buy things in the summer! lol, that's a lie! There's always more Disney merchandise that can find its way into my life :D

I find the best and worst thing about having done the program before is that you reminisce an awful lot. Especially as some of the people you still know are out there living the dream still and here I am, in dreary old England, where my feet are numb and I constantly look like I'm crying because my eyes run in the cold :/ hmm hardly seems fair? But either way, forward!

An exciting idea was planted into my mind today also. My mother, apparently, whilst on vacation, was speaking to a cast member about roles in labs with regard to Nutrition in Epcot. This excites me a lot and I would love to forge my career over in Epcot. However she cannot remember exactly what was said and I don't know who I would talk to, so if any one out there in the old world-wide web knows anything about this let me know :D

On another note, it is the week before Christmas and although it still doesn't feel like Christmas, it adds a little bit of fairy dust to the air!

Merry Christmas everyone! And a Happy New Year!

Sunday, 4 December 2011


Well hello there,

Today I feel like exploring my role a little bit and getting to know it better :D so here goes. Information I have is from what Disney have given me or what yummy jobs have said previously. If you have another role check out the videos on youtube on the college program feed or drop me a message and I'll see what info I can rustle up :)

                                            Attractions video on youtube: ^

Operations includes both attractions and park greeter. The role includes tasks such as:

  • Introducing the show or attraction
  • Monitoring guest safety and guest flow
  • Loading and unloading guests from an attraction
  • Handling the console and evacuation of the attraction
  • Organising audience control
  • Working with FastPass
  • Greeting and welcoming guests who enter the park
  • Working with different ticket media to validate tickets
This role has many exciting potential work places. However in my interview I was asked which my favourite park was and so perhaps I will get to work in the Magic Kingdom :)

Just so you know, the attraction that I would love to work on the most would be The Haunted Mansion. It is such a cool attraction steeped in good old Disney story and magic :) If not this attraction most of them would keep me happy and make me a smiley cast member :D

Saturday, 3 December 2011

Are my eyes getting sweaty?

So I'm writing a piece about, you guessed it Disney, for my uni paper and the editor asked me to send a few of my pictures from the ICP through for her to publish with the writing. Therefore last night was spent going through a mix of emotions reliving the program through my hundreds of photos! At some times, as my  friend Heather would say, my eyes were almost a little bit sweaty (also known as crying). The sweating eyes concept was created whilst in Florida to make light of the tears that we shed over the ICP and about leaving people behind and letting them go. 

The photo search has however made me realise how many people I actually met and how many of them I really miss now! So I realised that I should start making a big effort to keep in contact with them so they don't forget that they really do mean something to me even from across the miles! 

On another note I had to be dragged kicking and screaming into the Disney store yesterday. Just kidding, I practically ran in! To get my friends Christmas present it was a necessary excursion but there was no complaining from me or my housemate who is also going to be doing the ICP with me next summer! I discovered that Disney now do a line of scents that smell like Disney. It's perfect; Disney in a bottle! Who new they could do that? Imagineers! ''what they can't do these days''. Anyway people are starting to contact each other and get to know one another before the program, using the boards on WDWIP we are all connecting and learning all the magic that Disney really makes!

''all you need is faith and trust and a little bit of pixie dust''

Friday, 2 December 2011

There are new friends every where..

Well hello again, now deciding that procrastination is the best prevention from doing the mountain of work that I need to do which includes a dissertation, aaaggghhh!! panic!! But it will be so worth it in 191 days when I am on my way back to Disney World. I have withdrawal symptoms and it is too cold here! Oh well, cold = Christmas and Christmas = good :D

Once again Disney has taken over most of my brain and thoughts and I can't think about much else :) this is great but no so when I have things, such as life, to get on with in the mean time between now and then! It will all work out though with just a touch of Disney magic :D I spent wednesday evening with a friend who I was showing all of the videos that I shot whilst in Florida this summer. They brought back some awesome memories as I hadn't watched the videos since I took them, now almost 5 months or so ago for the earlier ones. eeek how time flies when you're having fun or studying hard!

All that is left for me to do at the moment is to check when my placement will start next semptember so I can begin to think about flights. As the college program visa enables me to travel for up to 30 days after the program ends it would be great to make the most of that and travel a little!

This week I was also chatting with another friend about homesickness and missing friends who I seem to have left all over the world right now. She made such a good point, that eventhough it's not always the easiest thing in the world to get up and go live somewhere comletetly new there will be new friends there and people who care are also still right back where you left them! This made me feel a little relief but also made me remember all of my friends out there who I need to get into contact with because I miss them!

On a happier, but still related, note, I have been meeting some new people on the WDWIP discussion board who will be joining me on my epic summer adventure for 2012! It seems like this is going to be another summer of fun :D

Keep watching this space for more news :D

''All you need is faith and trust and a little bit of pixie dust''