Saturday, 3 December 2011

Are my eyes getting sweaty?

So I'm writing a piece about, you guessed it Disney, for my uni paper and the editor asked me to send a few of my pictures from the ICP through for her to publish with the writing. Therefore last night was spent going through a mix of emotions reliving the program through my hundreds of photos! At some times, as my  friend Heather would say, my eyes were almost a little bit sweaty (also known as crying). The sweating eyes concept was created whilst in Florida to make light of the tears that we shed over the ICP and about leaving people behind and letting them go. 

The photo search has however made me realise how many people I actually met and how many of them I really miss now! So I realised that I should start making a big effort to keep in contact with them so they don't forget that they really do mean something to me even from across the miles! 

On another note I had to be dragged kicking and screaming into the Disney store yesterday. Just kidding, I practically ran in! To get my friends Christmas present it was a necessary excursion but there was no complaining from me or my housemate who is also going to be doing the ICP with me next summer! I discovered that Disney now do a line of scents that smell like Disney. It's perfect; Disney in a bottle! Who new they could do that? Imagineers! ''what they can't do these days''. Anyway people are starting to contact each other and get to know one another before the program, using the boards on WDWIP we are all connecting and learning all the magic that Disney really makes!

''all you need is faith and trust and a little bit of pixie dust''

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