Monday, 19 December 2011

CRB and reaching the legal drinking age :-) .....

Well hello there

I have now officially started the journey into the happiest place on earth once again. Over the weekend I received my CRB form in the post from Yummy Jobs and filled it in. It is winging its way back to Essex for checking and sending off to the kind people who lessened by monetary burden by £60! Oh well, it will be worth the penny-loss. Other than this it is now time to search for flights and look towards summer 2012! I have been keeping my eyes out for the best deals and prices are looking very similar to last year for a lovely direct flight with virgin from manchester. I will not be booking until the new year but I have my eyes firmly set on the 11am virgin flight on  sunday June 10th :D hopefully this will mean my uni friends also get this flight as well as all the other wonderful people who I've met via facebook who will also be flying with virgin :D excitingly exciting times :D

Ok, so the flights are on the radar, the CRB is done (well for my part), next on the list; waiting for paper work and further instruction. Next there will be the Disney pack arrival, probably around the end of February with the lovely Disney look book, and other exciting forms and information. This will then lead the way for the booking of a thrilling visa appointment in the US embassy in the capital! It is one scary place! But for now there isn't much else to do apart from chill, well do work, enjoy Christmas and dream of a magical new year :D

This weekend it was my birthday, not just any birthday, my 21st birthday! So this means that I will be of the legal drinking age for the first time in the US! This is exciting news as it will mean that if I choose to drink, which I probably will, there will be worries for my deportation from the country :D woop woop. It also means an over 21 apartment in housing, which could be good or bad, depending on working hours and how many party-animals I live with! eek! For my birthday my friends went a little Disney crazy. I am not complaining by no means, but wow so much Disney! I got Now! That's what I call Disney, for a little light listening, Disney room spray so my room can smell magical, and a Mickey Mouse mug to make meal times special! There will be no need for me to buy things in the summer! lol, that's a lie! There's always more Disney merchandise that can find its way into my life :D

I find the best and worst thing about having done the program before is that you reminisce an awful lot. Especially as some of the people you still know are out there living the dream still and here I am, in dreary old England, where my feet are numb and I constantly look like I'm crying because my eyes run in the cold :/ hmm hardly seems fair? But either way, forward!

An exciting idea was planted into my mind today also. My mother, apparently, whilst on vacation, was speaking to a cast member about roles in labs with regard to Nutrition in Epcot. This excites me a lot and I would love to forge my career over in Epcot. However she cannot remember exactly what was said and I don't know who I would talk to, so if any one out there in the old world-wide web knows anything about this let me know :D

On another note, it is the week before Christmas and although it still doesn't feel like Christmas, it adds a little bit of fairy dust to the air!

Merry Christmas everyone! And a Happy New Year!

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