Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Getting tetchy...

Well time for another post perhaps :)

I have been trying to put the ICP from my mind to focus on uni things so that I don't start to panic about my flight price soaring so I can't afford it but just going through a mini panic over prices now, which is not good, but hey ho, it will all work out hopefully and it will all work out well :)

I also emailed about the internships in Epcot and AK as suggested by a random cast member to my mum whilst on vacation. Sadly you have to be studying at a US college, although you don't need to be a US citizen. So perhaps if I want it enough I will go do a post-grad in the US and apply for an internship to spend as much time as possible within the Happiest Place on Earth :D

An exciting package arrived yesterday from one of my summer 2011 ICP friends, Ashleigh :) she sent me birthday and christmas presents, it was so exciting I never receive packages :D she also sent a cute congratulations card complete with mickey mouse stickers from the summer. I remember the day she got given almost half a roll of the stickers, it was awesome. Well it was her birthday :D

Thinking about the summer reminds me of our last day out in MK. We were stood awaiting the parade to come down main street. It was threatening rain and we were scared we wouldn't get to see the parade that one last time! But eventually, quite late I have to admit, the floats were coming down the street and we were all clapping and smiling along. We were stood next to an english family and we were all wearing the 'I'm celebrating' pins, except we had changed them to say 'I'm NOT celebrating my last day as a CM' and we were asked by our new friends what CM was. It is the shortened word for cast member, the pins are pretty small after all! We were asked what we had been doing and where we all had worked. It is certainly one way to relive an entire summer in about 5 minutes! I hope eventhough we were almost ex-cast members we still spread a little bit of pixie dust their way too :D

Talking about pixie dust, that reminds me of the mickey mouse confetti in some of my birthday presents and the edible mickey mouse confetti in disney itself! Oh well I think I might need to bring this blog to a close it is just turning into a reminiscent-fest! oh dear.

Have a magical day guys :D

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