Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Let's procrastinate....

So hello and welcome to the last week of 2011! Christmas is officially over for another year, hope you all got lots of lovely things and made the most of having family around if this was the case :) I enjoyed a quiet Christmas with my family. I got Tangled for Christmas so had a bit of a Disney evening yesterday watching it and enjoying its Disney beauty :) such a cute movie!

Now is the time for me to do work for uni really, but I just don't want to, but I'm running out of reasons not to do it! :-/ I have an assignment to finish and my mass of a dissertation to begin the write up for. It'll be a long haul and no doubt there will be a lot of Disney music and motivational songs in the mix to help me get through it. It is kind of important that I actually work hard on it! It will be fine I'm sure though, I seem to be on track with it, well I hope so :)

Other than this I have suggested to all the other ICPs for 2012 to design and get a hoody designed for us and so far a great design has been created and I'm thinking most people are pretty happy with it :) we shall just see what the consensus is and then hopefully get some quotes sorted for the new year! Exciting times, you wouldn't think it but it's much easier to find people in matching hoodies than trying to memorise everyones faces! There are too many faces from facebook plus people often look so different when you meet for them for real! So I figured hoodies would be an awesome tool to use once again :D

Still awaiting confirmation of my CRB hitting the Yummy Jobs offices! Should be there by now though :D Was just pondering the next steps for the program last night:

1. Disney Pack (Mid February)
2. Visa paper work
3. SEVIS fee
4. Visa Interview
5. Visa approval and arrival
6. Pay program assessment fee
7. Receive a ton of Disney welcome emails
8. Fly
9. Live it!

Living at Vista Way most probably. Reminds me of the Vista Way song, here it is if you haven't seen or heard it. I didn't find its lyrics to be true but that could be because I lived in a wellness (under 21) apartment and my room mates didn't party in vista.

At least that's how I remember it! Don't think I missed anything important out! Hope not.

                  TTFN :D

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