Sunday, 4 December 2011


Well hello there,

Today I feel like exploring my role a little bit and getting to know it better :D so here goes. Information I have is from what Disney have given me or what yummy jobs have said previously. If you have another role check out the videos on youtube on the college program feed or drop me a message and I'll see what info I can rustle up :)

                                            Attractions video on youtube: ^

Operations includes both attractions and park greeter. The role includes tasks such as:

  • Introducing the show or attraction
  • Monitoring guest safety and guest flow
  • Loading and unloading guests from an attraction
  • Handling the console and evacuation of the attraction
  • Organising audience control
  • Working with FastPass
  • Greeting and welcoming guests who enter the park
  • Working with different ticket media to validate tickets
This role has many exciting potential work places. However in my interview I was asked which my favourite park was and so perhaps I will get to work in the Magic Kingdom :)

Just so you know, the attraction that I would love to work on the most would be The Haunted Mansion. It is such a cool attraction steeped in good old Disney story and magic :) If not this attraction most of them would keep me happy and make me a smiley cast member :D

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