Monday, 2 January 2012

2012 and 160 days to go and counting...

Happy New Year everyone! Welcome to 2012, apparently the end of the world. It is also the year of ICP round 2! It is really exciting to be heading back this summer!

As for preparations for the summer I have purchased some new flip flops, which are great as I had to leave my last pair in the states as 1. they wouldn't fit in my suitcase and 2. they were ruined by all the rain. Other than this no further progress has been made with the whole thing. I am still awaiting the go-ahead to sort out my flights and insurance but hopefully now January is here we can get onto that one :D I have however been considering my travel plans for when the program ends. My friend from uni is staying out in the US until about the 14th of September I think and so I suggested that maybe we could travel to NYC together. I have to go! I can't go twice and not go it's criminal! So hopefully when I get back to the uni life we can start sorting things out and maybe making plans for an exciting beginning to September :D

On facebook there have also been discussions and plans made for a hoody for us and hopefully we can sort that out soon too, maybe even before Disney packs arrive in Feb! It is also a time for accumulating lots of new friends on there too and getting to know the Disney people who are here in the UK and dreaming of their summer working for the Mouse also! It's a great way to get super excited over the experience :)

In another trip down memory lane today, I was sifting through all my paper work and stuff, such as Disney pins and tell-a-casts to sort them out and tidy up (it is a new year and everything) and I got a little sentimental once again! Just thinking of all the little pieces of extra info you get to learn by being a cast member! I am a bit of a Disney geek it has to be said and this makes me really interested :) In relation to this I also got the Disney Parks Monopoly whilst I was on the ICP this summer and have spent the evening with family playing this awesome version of the game :) all the places are attractions/shows at the Disney parks world-wide and it is just a great way to reminisce whilst still having an awesome, if competitive, time!

The fab 5 is also in the planning stages for a reunion some time this month! This is so exciting! I will get to see some of the most amazing people I met on the ICP in next to no time! I'm unsure really what the plan is yet but we have been aiming to meet up for a while but this time it seems really real and hopefully all our plans will just fall into place and give us such a great reunion :D

Anyways, that's all for now :) TTFN

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