Saturday, 7 January 2012

Because I are the first few days

Good morning people, here is another blog, just because I can blog. Well I thought I would treat all you worriers out there to a snippet and basic run through of check-in procedure for the college program. Or at least how my check-in process went. I'm going to be thorough so I will begin my story here in the UK. Any questions as always, drop me a line :D Anyways....

So, on a slightly grey sunday morning in the middle of June I waved goodbye to my housemates and my house and got into a taxi to Manchester airport. The taxi, was typically early and I was at the airport within about 30 minutes,  so was stupendously early for my flight and not many hoodies were walking around yet. Either way, I arrived at the airport checked in with the nice people on the desk who asked me about my trip and commented that there were a fair few of us on that flight, so that was cool. They seemed a little jealous lol! Anyways after this started the random wanderings around the place to find others. I came across Jade about half an hour later, also looking for people. We had all agreed to meet at the bar area and finally most people did show up :) then we headed to the gate and waited to board. We got onto the plane pretty soon after this and were on our way. The plane ride was the same as ever and I was surprised at how quiet it was really considering how many us there were, but oh well.

On arrival in Orlando, we had to go through customs and security. Be warned, they are strict. Do not even joke with them, they do not laugh! After which all of us were escorted into another room to have our visa and paper work checked before admittance to the states. After about 2 hours all of us finally managed to get through and had located our bags. Then there was the epic wait for mears to get a shuttle together for us. We waited probably another hour for the bus and then were ceremoniously driven about almost all of Lake Buena Vista before finally getting to the Vista Way welcome center only about 2 hours later! It took a long time! Although this was the drivers fault, there was no need for the trip to have taken so long!

At vista we we received a warm florida welcome with a spot of thunder and lightning. Which we were whisked under cover to check in. Bags were put to the side and we followed a line system through a bunch of tables, where we received info and told them who we were and showed them our various documents. Then we got a brief welcome talk, 'hello, welcome to vista way and the college program etc.' then we were all taken to our apartments, in vista you were walked over, I believe the Chatham and Patterson people were taken over on the bus. Chatham and Patterson are so much prettier than Vista, but I can imagine on that first day it was not great to have to go even further to get there...

On getting to my room I met my room mates and discovered that my actual room mate was on my flight and at my uni, so all was good. This was followed by a spot on unpacking and manic panic, 'oh my gosh, why am I here, what am I doing... am I crazy'. So if you feel like that, don't panic, it goes away. Then we headed over to walmart to get some bedding, by which time I think it was about 10pm or the like and we went on a late night walmart shop, for expensive sheets and pillows :/ On return to vista it was bed time!

Day 2 involved the main welcome meeting over at The Commons (Cultural representative housing and meeting rooms). It was a general welcome and info about the program, a little about place of work (park/resort) but no specifics. This involved details about health and safety and the law. I'm afraid it wasn't too exciting but it only took up a few hours and then we had the rest of the afternoon free to chill.

Day 3 was further information about roles, i.e. where you will work, details on shoes and sock requirements and other pieces of info, such as the pay cards. This again didn't take long and we had the rest of the day free for fun times :) housing cards/bus passes were also issued too.

Disclaimer: Please note I may have mixed day 2 and 3 up, I can't remember exactly which way round they came, but the details are the same either way :D

Day 4 was traditions, where some Disney basics information is shared. It's still training and requires smart attire. This is also the day you will receive your name badge and ID card, which allows you to go and get into the parks for free, finally :) The afternoon again was free and we made our first trip to the Magic Kingdom :) Some traditions classes are in the afternoon however so you may not be able to get into the park until later in the day.

That's it for check-in procedures and the first few days of the ICP.

Hakuna matata :D


  1. Hi :) just thought i'd let you know I'm following your blog. I found it on the wdwip site - I'll be doing merch from June 10th-31st Aug. Cannot wait eee :D xx

  2. Hi, yay thanks for following, will hopefully get back to regular posts now, just had a crazy few weeks to contend with at uni so I should be back to regular blogging now :) and yay for June 10th people! That's awesome :D have you got any preferences for where'd you like to work? x