Sunday, 22 January 2012

Culinary Capers..

This has been a mega week and a pretty busy weekend too so feeling a little bit stressed and out of my depth at the moment, so here goes my mind into a Disney ICP nostalgia blank :)

Ok so lets review: The Kitchen Sink

This epic dessert available at Beaches and Cream in the Walt Disney World Resort, it one mammoth task which must be completed at least once in your life time! It must be said though, that this dessert defeated me and 6 of my friends! We didn't finish the thing and the remaining ice cream melted and became a pool of mixed  mushy ice-cream ness. It was a pretty interesting taste experience really, there was an awful lot of peanut butter in it, so if you love peanut butter then it's definitely the dessert for you! If not, steer clear of the peanut butter blobs. Don't worry too much though, there is cake, chocolate and oreos amongst other sweet treats on the sink. You look at the thing coming out and think it's small and not going to be a challenge. It is here that your eyes deceive you, the sink is never ending, or so it seems. I had a sugar high for so long after eating it! I would definitely recommend going along and challenging the sink but I'm not sure I'd do it again! I could be convinced perhaps but it would take a little persuading!

And the whet your appetites... here is a little picture of the monster:

Other culinary delights of the Walt Disney Resort are Dole Whip. That is once again ice cream but this time a fresh take has been created. There are 2 flavours of dole whip; pineapple and orange.This is a picture of the orange one which is amazing but pineapple wins the taste test hands down!!! You've got to try it to believe it. You can also have them made into a juice float.

For Halloween the parks have themed cookies and candy as well as there usual offerings. Here is a cinnamon sugar pumpkin Mickey cookie. It looked amazing, unfortunately it didn't live up to my expectations as the cinnamon wasn't strong enough for me! I love cinnamon!!

This yummy meal was eaten at the T-Rex cafe at downtown disney. Complete your epic meal with a side dish of dinosaurs which come to 'life' every 15 minutes or so! This was easily one of the best meals I ate on the program :D

However I think the Grand Floridian's breakfast beats them! Imagine any breakfast foods you can and then add more! This was one big buffet. We didn't eat for the rest of the day it was so filling! Plus as well as this kind of breakfast offering you also get to meet Winnie the Pooh, Tigger, the mad hatter, Alice and Mary Poppins! I would highly recommend this character breakfast!!!

Anyways that's quite enough food for one night, I'm making myself hungry just remembering it! Start planning your epic eating adventure at the Walt Disney World resort today, let me know what your favourites are!!!

Have a magical day!!!!

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