Tuesday, 31 January 2012

ICP 2012 Bucket List

Well hello there

This last weekend was the reunion of 3 of the fab five! It was so good to be able to talk about Disney almost non-stop for a whole weekend without feeling that you're boring or annoying anyone by your incessant chatter! Plus they actually understand what you're talking about when you say it :D

So this meet was very cold as it is winter and chester, like the rest of the UK is not particularly warm right now! So what's the best way to fix this minor detail? Make a summer 2012 ICP bucket list of course! Helped by my friends Ashleigh and Zoe, I have begun to compile my bucket list; as of yet it is not complete and there will be more things added onto it when I realise/remember what things I have forgotten to do or missed out due to lack of time! So as you can tell by the fact that I have a bucket list on my second program the Walt Disney World Resort is one almost never-ending playground! It is amazing :D

Anywho, here is my current and dynamic bucket list:

  • Visit Miami
  • Eat at the '50s Prime Time Cafe
  • Collect every fast pass in the parks
  • Visit each resort on property and get photographic proof
  • Take a picture under the 'umbrella' in hollywood studios which rains
  • Be an extra in the Backlot tour and Indiana Jones stunt show
  • Drink around the world in Epcot
  • See a movie on the beach; resort movies
  • Visit IHOP
As you can see, some of these things are not Disney related and it is apparent that Orlando has many other exciting offerings for a ICP about town :D

Right, must dash, TTFN

Have a magical day everyone!

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