Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Oh to be so high in the sky...

Well hello there, time for another post, although it has only been a very short time since my last post! I have now booked my flights! After waiting around to be able to sort them today I finally rang STA and booked my direct virgin flight to Orlando for June 10th at 11am! So excited now, cannot wait. I have to admit though, parting with such epic amounts of cash for the flight so soon after Christmas makes me want to cry a little inside but hey what can I do, I need this flight!

I am returning to the UK on September 9th, mainly because this was the first day where flights dipped below the £600 mark and I wanted to travel/relax after I finish the program anyways. Coming straight back and heading into a placement in a hospital probably won't really compare to spending my days out in the summery sunshine of Fl!

The only problem with having now booked my flights is how much procrastination is involved with thoughts and ''researching'' Disney! It also means that I am on the hunt now for all the other ICPs who will be heading out on the same flight as me. If you are reading this and are going to be on that flight let me know, it'll be great to meet you and get to know you! To help in this task I have created a little facebook group for it, it should also help all of us who are on the flight and want to sit together to attempt to organise that. Well as soon as the Virgin website lets me on to their system!

On another thread of thought, I am heading back 'up north' tomorrow to uni and awaiting me is my 'That's what I call Disney' CD. Perfect for long, dark evenings dreaming about Disney world and attempting to do uni work but not really getting very far! In addition to this we are now a month closer to the arrival of the fateful Disney packs! The lovely blue folder coveted by so many will be flying out to us all in around about a months time! I'm sure I will stress my uni out a lot as I will resume my checking daily at their arrival to the travel abroad office at my uni. Last year I had to get my hands on the DS2019 (visa petition form) early to book my visa appointment over the Easter holidays as I was on placement in Blackpool (no where near London!) for the whole month of May! So when I finally did get my mitts on that letter I'm sure the office breathed a sigh of relief that I wouldn't be back for a while! All I know that all the hounding paid off and I was the proud owner of one visa :)

So here's to the start of that journey once again! So if you have any queries about the Disney pack, visa or general experience let me know,  I will do my best to answer any q's you may have :D

Hakunna Matata :D

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