Thursday, 5 January 2012

Reunion? yes please :D

Bonjour mes amis, well here it is we have a real reunion on the cards for me and four of my ICP friends (UK ICPers) in the next few weeks! We have been attempting to make a reunion happen for around about the whole 4 months or so we've been back in the UK, but what with uni, jobs and stupidly expensive trains it hasn't happened yet! But not for long, I am so excited to see them again! The fab five will finally be reunited to make more epic-ly random stories. I believe the plan will be to attack Manchester with our Disney ways and see what the city has in store for us. I have one piece of advice for the city; it better have a Disney store! I'm sure it will, I'll have to go and do a spot of research, oh such a shame lol

In other news, the flight has been confirmed and we are all set and ready for take off (in 157 days)! The exciting thing is now that Virgin will count down my flight with me when I finally log onto their site to book my seat on the plane, hopefully with all the other crazy ICPs! If you are perhaps reading this are on the flight and not doing the ICP this year, I apologise, we will probably be loud and crazy and over-excited! Having said this though, I was surprised how quiet we managed to be heading out last year, but that could've been because they had put Tangled on to keep us company until we were 'home' with the Mouse :D

To keep my mind from becoming all grown up and disillusioned I have started listening to Disney music on another online radio station, as suggested by a fellow ICP on facebook. The best thing about this radio station is that it has different channels; for park music, general disney music, show music etc...check it out....

The hoody plans have also jumped forward humongous paces! We now have quotes and plans for their actual production, thank you Carly and Scott :D so hopefully we can get those sorted and everyone can really rub it in other friends and family's faces where they're going to be spending their summer vacation :D

Anyway, I think that's it for now, back to the dissertation and non-fun but Disney inspired times :D

Hakuna Matata :D

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