Friday, 20 January 2012

Tax Returns and Stress..

Well hello my faithful friends.

Here is a new blog for the end of, what has been, a pretty crazy week. I haven't stopped for a breath all week it seems and sadly not much of it was about or based around Disney! But on another note, since my last post I have received my W-2 tax form from Disney and filed my US tax return. This is basically how you claim back the US government's tax from your wages during the program. There are a few websites which can help you through a US tax return. I used and I received an email from them on Wednesday I believe to tell me that my tax return had been accepted and my money will be in the post in cheque form at the beginning of February! This means a nice little addition to this years money pot :D

On another happy note, Monday is the beginning of an epic set of ICP reunions! First on Wednesday I shall be travelling over to Birmingham to meet my friend from the program Kate. It's just a flying visit, but it is so exciting to be able to have a massive catch up! It's been so long, too long, since I saw her! I think the plan is to meet up have a catch up, meet some of her friends and eating will most probably be involved! Sounds like a great way to spend a day of uni which I should be doing assignments! Oh well I deserve a break right?!?

And next weekend we have another ICP reunion, from the fab five! Instead of our original plan to meet in Manchester we are meeting in Chester as it's going to be cheaper for us all. As we are all students this seemed like the best way to help everyone out! This visit will definitely involve lots of talking probably resulting in sore throats and loss of voices! Food and the Disney store will also inevitably be involved in this meeting. I can't believe how busy we've all been since the program ended and how it has taken us all this long to get it together! But in the end it all came good :D

Finally in today's blog we have the epic story of my beginnings at Cirque du Soleil last summer! So I left off last time at day 4 having completed all generic training. I had an orientation day at Downtown Disney. This involved getting information about the area; having a tour and getting costumes ready for work. It was an interesting day and involved basic health and safety training too. So if you've already been training in manual handling etc it will be pretty repetitive but it makes it kinda easy too :D The Saturday of this week also involved a trip to Disney University where basic training for ticketing was given. This included how to use the operating system and produce ticket media. It was a really interesting but very intense day! Especially as I was so unsure over currency also! Don't worry too much a lot of guests do pay with card, but some do pay with cash so it's good to improve your knowledge.

This was then followed by 2 days off to play in the parks :) this was just my schedule not everyone had these days off, you generally get 2 days of a week, this is known as your 'weekend' regardless of when in the week these days fall. My 'weekend' was mostly a Sunday and Monday during the program, although some weeks it varied. After my 2 days of I was straight into training at Cirque. My trainer in the box office, Lloyd met me from cast services at downtown and took me over to cirque. I had a tour of the theatre and was basically shown the ropes. I was given some training about how to use the ticketing system and how to understand how the tickets work at cirque as they are very different to those in the parks! It was interesting day but it was quite tough as there was so much to take in and american money to me was so unusual I wasn't yet used to it! Training in a similar way continued for another 2 days with increasing independence expected and increased guest interaction. After this there was an assessment, basically this was how you were tested to see if you could do your role well and were therefore 'safe' to continue unsupervised. This does not mean that after this you're not allowed to ask questions, you are. In fact I would actually advise you of anything you're unsure of just ask the question! That's how I got trained for ticket operations at Walt Disney World :D

Have a magical day/night guys :D

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