Wednesday, 29 February 2012


So an email from Yummy jobs telling us all Disney are now doing their own thing with the insurance. This I feel is a good plan considering the amount of confusion which goes on with sorting out insurance for the program, however many of us bought insurance with STA when we booked our flights. And I'm not made of money. I just hope that Disney are prepared to negotiate with us about it really, surely our policy covers their requirements anyway? I guess all we can do now is sit and wait until we hear more. So we are waiting on further information on this and the Disney packs themselves, which are due to arrive in our hands some time next week. This is exciting as it means we can go ahead and book the wondrous visa appointment and pay many many pennies to have the privilege of a new piece of paper to stick in our passports. I suppose the paper does let me into the country so I guess it's worth it :) oh well maybe I'm cynical in my 'old' age.

Exciting things are going on today at Walt Disney World; their one more day celebration is under way and the Magic Kingdom park is open all day today. Makes me wish I could be there too but instead I am here in the UK trying to push motivation into action and work on assessments that just don't cut it in comparison.

Anyway back to reality, have a magical day everyone and enjoy the only February 29 between now and four years time :D

Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Hoody times..

Hey there everyone, hope you're all doing well and are on the count down for the ICP now! It is only 103 days until my departure date! Scary times but also exciting times, I really can't believe how fast time is going! I have just been given my exam time table for the summer and luckily all my exams are 2 weeks before I leave so that's good it give me time to actually move out of my uni house before I leave for the sunshine state! This was  a concern because my exams could have ended on June 8th just 2 days prior to departure! So although this means manic revision as there is so little time between now and then it does mean that once I leave the exam hall on May 24th I can officially switch to Disney mode until September! Only 3 months left of 3rd year of uni! Many of my friend will be graduating this year so it's really scary that for me I've got another year of placement  but that they will all be looking for or have real jobs by the time I return to the UK. How fast uni goes....

Benefits of having done the program also mean the return of US tax (paid on wages). I applied for this using in January, got a cheque last week and have now cashed it and have some pretty pennies sitting in my account saying 'spend me! spend me!'! Have to admit it's not my 'first million' but it's a nice pick me up about this time of year when uni seems so real and money's starting to be a squeeze.

On another Disney related note, I ordered my hoody today, finally. It is orange crush colour and I chose to have attractions printed on it instead of operations, simply because it sounds better and who cares about being accurate! Last year's hoody says attractions and I ended up in main entrance operations anyways. But here's to hoping that it will actually mean that I do get a role in attractions this year :D Also as ICP prep I also printed off all of my documents (flight itinery and insurance) and also the onboarding paper work, as Disney like to call it. Basically you print it, read it and sign it. It's really simply, it's about 6 pages long and takes a while to read but it's all legal stuff so do make sure you take a look at it. Also DO NOT staple it, it says use a paper clip, so just a head up if you haven't printed it yet, don't staple it :D

Anyways, with dead lines looming and exams most definitely on the horizon I am back off to the depths of study, speak to you all soon. :D

Have a magical day, guys :D

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Disney Email....

Well hey there, here it is, time for another little blog. Yesterday I received my first email of 2012 from the Disney Recruiting team! It was basically a welcome email telling me about the next few steps in the program and how and when I should do them. For me at the moment there is no need for further action, but it says between 60-90 days I believe visa needs to be sorted out, so just waiting on them and yummy jobs to get the actual Disney packs sent out to us in the next few weeks :D Also on the email it is the return of Chris and Tony, the lovable presenters who tell you all about the disney college program, the disney look etc. There is also general program information available from a link sent with the email. I don't remember them being this organised last year? Feel free to prove me wrong if they did but I don't recall receiving anything from Disney themselves (other than the pack) until about 2 months before departure? Oh well, I'm not complaining.

Also excitingly, on the email it says my role is attractions and not operations. I'm a little dubious to believe that this is the case considering it worked the other way around last year and I ended up in main entrance ops, but keeping my fingers crossed for an awesome attraction to spend my summer on! :D

Other than that, the hoody is I believe, on sale now, with lots of different colours available. I need to take a real look and get one ordered :D except for this exciting news no further developments have been made, so back to work I must go, heigh ho, heigh ho....


Have a magical valentines day everyone!