Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Disney Email....

Well hey there, here it is, time for another little blog. Yesterday I received my first email of 2012 from the Disney Recruiting team! It was basically a welcome email telling me about the next few steps in the program and how and when I should do them. For me at the moment there is no need for further action, but it says between 60-90 days I believe visa needs to be sorted out, so just waiting on them and yummy jobs to get the actual Disney packs sent out to us in the next few weeks :D Also on the email it is the return of Chris and Tony, the lovable presenters who tell you all about the disney college program, the disney look etc. There is also general program information available from a link sent with the email. I don't remember them being this organised last year? Feel free to prove me wrong if they did but I don't recall receiving anything from Disney themselves (other than the pack) until about 2 months before departure? Oh well, I'm not complaining.

Also excitingly, on the email it says my role is attractions and not operations. I'm a little dubious to believe that this is the case considering it worked the other way around last year and I ended up in main entrance ops, but keeping my fingers crossed for an awesome attraction to spend my summer on! :D

Other than that, the hoody is I believe, on sale now, with lots of different colours available. I need to take a real look and get one ordered :D except for this exciting news no further developments have been made, so back to work I must go, heigh ho, heigh ho....


Have a magical valentines day everyone!

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