Wednesday, 29 February 2012


So an email from Yummy jobs telling us all Disney are now doing their own thing with the insurance. This I feel is a good plan considering the amount of confusion which goes on with sorting out insurance for the program, however many of us bought insurance with STA when we booked our flights. And I'm not made of money. I just hope that Disney are prepared to negotiate with us about it really, surely our policy covers their requirements anyway? I guess all we can do now is sit and wait until we hear more. So we are waiting on further information on this and the Disney packs themselves, which are due to arrive in our hands some time next week. This is exciting as it means we can go ahead and book the wondrous visa appointment and pay many many pennies to have the privilege of a new piece of paper to stick in our passports. I suppose the paper does let me into the country so I guess it's worth it :) oh well maybe I'm cynical in my 'old' age.

Exciting things are going on today at Walt Disney World; their one more day celebration is under way and the Magic Kingdom park is open all day today. Makes me wish I could be there too but instead I am here in the UK trying to push motivation into action and work on assessments that just don't cut it in comparison.

Anyway back to reality, have a magical day everyone and enjoy the only February 29 between now and four years time :D

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