Thursday, 29 March 2012

''I'm going to go ahead and approve your visa..''

Hello there

 Well yesterday I went to London to get my visa and it was approved in only 1 hour! This was crazy as the 3 other people who I went in with (Rachel, Bee and Justine) took another 2 hours to come out and I was sat outside waiting because all of our phones had been put in together. Well at least it was sunny and nice outside whereas inside the embassy it was roasting and pretty humid really to say that we were still in the UK. The train ride down was fine, my 7.35am train was on time and we got to Oxford Circus no problem at all for a spot of breakfast. This was followed by a stroll down to the embassy via Gould Pharmacy to drop off phones, ipods and headphones. Do not try to take headphones in with you, they won't let you. But contrary to popular belief you can take a drink in with you, so don't worry too much :D

After we got through security we then got appointment numbers and had to wait to be called to the first window for paper work collection. My photo was denied twice but the guy just accepted the second one, bit weirded out to be honest and then panicked. I also realised that I had been 'ten-printed' as I have previously had a visa, oops. Nothing went wrong really other than photo rejection so it was all good. I then waited another 15-20 mins maybe to be called to the second, interview window. I was greeted by a very nice visa man and he asked what I would be doing and if having done the program before meant that I got all the tips and hints. Not a chance. :P Never mind he approved it in a few minutes and I was on my way to pay at the delivery desk and now to wait for my visa and passport to be returned within 3-5 days :D yay

It's really real now! I'm really going back! Eeek!

On the train ride home me and Rachel were chatting about Disney and role preferences amongst other things and this made me really excited for the summer. I cannot wait now. Such a shame I still have to revise and to finish my dissertation off. Oh well, time will fly as it always does and we'll all be there in the sunshine in no time at all!


Make Thursday the most magical yet :D

Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Preparing to meet my visa....

Hey there

Well tonight is the night before the visa interview and I'm feeling kinda apprehensive despite having done the whole rigmarole before :/ I think it's the whole relying on good old public transport that's concerning me the most, but fingers crossed all will be well and I shall get to the ball/embassy in one piece.

So I had a final check of my documents earlier today and here is what is going with me:

* Passport
* DS2019
* Online visa application confirmation page
* SEVIS receipt
* Embassy appointment form
* MRV fee form
* Disney job offer letter
* Money for return of my passport

In addition to this I will be taking things to read on the train/in the embassy. However I shall be meeting with Rachel and Justine before going to the embassy for a spot of breakfast and chatting before heading over there. From facebook it appears that there are quite a few people going down tomorrow so maybe we will meet even more excited ICPs! :D Last year I met a camp america counsellor outside the embassy but it was so busy inside so hoping for a quicker throughput this time :D

Anyways, must dash, have to get an early night for my early train to the capital :D

Have a magical Wednesday!

Monday, 26 March 2012

And on such a sunny day....

Well hello there, what a coincidence...

So saturday was the big disney meet in Liverpool. It was a really fun day getting to know a few of the wonderful people who will be spending summer in Florida too. There was a really good turn out, maybe around 30 people overall in total who met at Wetherspoons and then moved along to a few select bars in Liverpool for lots of Disney related chatter. It was just so nice to put some names to faces and get to the reality that this is really happening all over again! It also meant that I met Rachel who I am going to get my visa with on Wednesday so we now know who each other are! So that's another good thing. Not many photos were taken of the day but there were a few towards the end of the day, so I'll be keeping my eyes peeled for them as they weren't my photos. Unfortunately we never made it to the Disney store but sure there is plenty of time to visit Disney related stores in the Happiest Place on Earth :D  The meet-ups are kinda weird because everyone arrived and was like 'Disney?' and no one quite knows who each other are, its very clear that facebook photos often don't show you how to identify each other, makes it weird and sometimes awkward if it takes a while to put the face to name when you've been speaking on good ol' facebook lol but we are all in the same situation so I'm sure it's all good :D

Another exciting thing happened today also! My hoody finally arrived! It is so orange! I really like it, but everyone at the airport is going to see me coming a mile off! There is a picture below just so you can really appreciate how orange it is! I'm just so happy it actually got here really, I was getting kinda worried that it wasn't going to show and we'd have to do some detective work to figure out where it had ended up, so all in all, happy!

So it's also the easter holidays now and sunny :D nowhere near as hot as FL, but sure is nice to see the good old sun once again, how I've missed him! It definitely gets you in the mood for the summer but unfortunately also causes much procrastination and thought about how awesome it's going to be and how not-awesome the here and now is, what with my dissertation and looming exams. On the plus side my dissertation is starting to look defeated and it is no longer defeating me, but as with most work there will always be little changes that I can find with it when it is finally done :/ it's just so scary how much it actually determines what my degree will be worth in the long run!

Anyways I'm off to enjoy the sunshine and my sunshine hoody too :D

Make today a magical one guys :D

Thursday, 22 March 2012

Where, oh where, oh where, is my hoody?

Hello there once again to my little blog :)

I have been seeing the posts all over facebook from fellow ICPs for 2012 receiving their hoodies and as of yet mine has not arrived :/ hoping it will show its face tomorrow before the big Liverpool meet! I want to see its sunshine-y orangeness. Plus I'm kinda cold, despite the sunshine. Oh well enough complaining for one day I guess.

On another note, it is now less than 1 week until I get to go and sort my visa out. It is exciting that there are about 4 or 5 of us in the embassy all together next week :D we are also planning to meet for a spot of breakfast beforehand also, so that should be awesome. Making one long and kinda boring day bearable and oh so exciting :D

It is now only 80 days until ICP 2012! And I cannot wait. Work is moving along at a slow, but still moving, pace and I can't wait for 3 long months of little stress and no uni work! Thinking of the trip itself has also prompted me to begin looking at where I want to travel in my 9 days post-college program. New York is somewhere I would love to go but is looking pretty pricey and perhaps too expensive for a student like me. So perhaps I will choose to visit somewhere a bit closer to Florida itself....still in the pipework for now...

TTFN :D Have a magical day :D

Saturday, 17 March 2012

You must see this :D

This may be one of the coolest Disney song mixes I have seen :D If you need a Disney pick-me-up this is the thing that will fix you right :D

Enjoy! And have a magical evening :D

Friday, 16 March 2012

Disney Dreaming...

Hello again friends,

Nice of you to drop by on this Friday afternoon. Here is a little piece of procrastination to start of the afternoon and prevent me from working on my dissertation for a few more precious seconds! So it's now just a little over a week until the ICP Liverpool meet which is so exciting and it's going to be great to meet all the wonderful summer 2012 ICPs from the Northwest of the UK :D fun times ahead for sure. plus there may be a smaller meet happening in Chester some time after easter because there are so many of us going from Chester it's crazy!

So now I'm left with just dreams and trying not to cut my fingers before going to the embassy soon, so that I don't have to re-schedule my appointment. I did get to relive moments of last summer though in my unis newspaper, where there is a page spread on my summer with lots of pictures, which is kinda embarrassing but at the same time completely awesome :D

Any who, that is all for now, TTFN! Have a magical day :D

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Disney Pack and Visa stuffs

 Well hello there friends

I got my Disney pack yesterday, finally! :) so that means one thing; it's visa time! so I spent all of yesterday and most of today so far filling in visa paper work, calling the embassy, booking trains etc. So crazy! But it's all sorted now for my lovely trip to London, not to get a heat magazine, but to get a US visa :D

Other exciting things that came in the pack include a Disney Look book with the cast member guidelines on appearance in their, my job offer letter and an I94 visa card ready for adding temporarily to my passport on admission to the US. eek! it's so real now :D

I can't believe how long it has taken to sort all the visa stuff out really, like 2 days! But it shall be worth it and now I can pretend that I will get back to work on my final assignment and dissertation, sad face. However to brighten the day and lighten the mood Disney music will be playing in the background and there will be a fair amount of other procrastination no doubt :D

Righto, off, to try to work I go :D

Always believe in your dreams :D ......

Saturday, 10 March 2012

Hey there, hi there, ho there, it's a Disney kinda day....

Helloo again

So I've been seeing all the posts come up on fb from people who I know from my 2011 program getting accepted onto the CRP (cultural representative program). That is the year program and for us Brits we would be working in Epcot in the England pavillion. I'm so pleased for them :) but also kinda wish I could be going too for longer than just the summer, but it's not my turn yet! I think I hope to apply for the CRP in 2013 when I graduate after 4 long years of slogging my guts out at uni! But it's just a wait and I see I guess as I'm very likely to be on placement when interviews are....just hoping it will work out nicely :D

Anyway on another exciting note, today is the day I finally meet up with Collette, one of the fab 5 from ICP 2011! It has been 6 months since I saw this girl and it has gone so fast but at the same time it's a long time not to see someone for! So I am going to see her later today and her concert band at uni play lots of lovely orchestra music related to Disney and other such fun music :) it should be awesome and the topic of conversation will undoubtedly revolve around Disney and the summer and such just as it did with my last few disney reunions :D

On a Disney ICP 2012 note in two weeks today myself and many ICPers will be heading to Liverpool to meet each other! It is going to be one epic day and if it is as much fun as the meet last year in Birmingham then it will be a blast :D The Disney Store is one of our first planned stops and no doubt there will be Disney related hyperness and giddiness going on :) the group did have a night out in Liverpool last week I think but stupid uni and third year (which ruins your life) prevented me from heading over there to meet people but at least I do get to meet some of the lovely ICPs before June 10th!!! :D

Oh by the way for anyone who's on the's only 92 days now!!!!

''If you can dream it, you can do it!''

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Work location preferences...


Helloo again

So today I received my 3rd email from Disney recruiting. The welcome email 3 times that is, not 3 different emails before you start to panic! So anyway that was kinda weird but still I definitely know the information now and I know some people didn't even get one until today so something is going very wrong with their computer system at the moment apparently...

In other news I also emailed Becky at yummy jobs to ask about role preferences and I can still make them. So I have sent in preferences for The Haunted Mansion, The Great Movie Ride, Phillharmagic or Dinosaur. All equally amazing attractions spanning 3 of the 4 wonderful parks at the Walt Disney World Resort. So let's keep our fingers crossed for another awesome placement there and another amazing summer :D

In follow up to ICP 2011 I am also off to Bangor at the weekend to see one of my friends from last summer who I haven't seen since we left Orlando! It's crazy how fast time goes and I am super excited to see her again! You don't really understand how much you miss those crazy people who you spend your summer with but you do. A lot. So this will be an awesome catch up also involving a Disney orientated music concert which will be amazing no doubt :D

Righto, heigh ho,heigh ho, it's offline I go :D

Always believe in your dreams.....

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Playing the waiting game...


Bonjour friends

Here is another post for you lovely bloggers :) Emails have now been sent to say Yummy have our Disney packs and to check postal addresses, which means only one thing, Disney packs in the post, imminently :D woop woop! I'll be excited to see if anything has changed since last year with the whole insurance thing.... anyways that will be exciting when it arrives. However that does mean that the epic visa process will then begin...

So to obtain a US J-1 visa you will need you DS2019 visa petition (in the pack), your passport and any documentation from disney, a pen, paper and a phone whose bill you can run up (£1.25 or something/minute) to book your appointment at the visa office. This should take about 5 minutes or so but last time they were 'conveniently' conducting maintenance on the line the first time I called so that was 2 phone calls for me! Hopefully this time only 1 call :D After you have done this remember to pay for SEVIS fee ($35) and fill in your visa paper work online,  which includes uploading a beautiful passport style photo onto the website for your visa :D this may take a while to get the type/standard the embassy want so here is fair warning :) The links for these website I think are in the visa step by step guide on the Yummy Jobs website. If you use their guide you pretty much can't go wrong :D Just don't lose your DS2019 form, it is VERY important for the entirety of the summer :D

Any questions surrounding the visa let me know :D

On another note today I was procrastinating and watching Disney things on youtube and came across this excellent quality video of the show in the Magic Kingdom called Dream Along with Mickey :D Hope you enjoy.

Have a magical day :D