Monday, 26 March 2012

And on such a sunny day....

Well hello there, what a coincidence...

So saturday was the big disney meet in Liverpool. It was a really fun day getting to know a few of the wonderful people who will be spending summer in Florida too. There was a really good turn out, maybe around 30 people overall in total who met at Wetherspoons and then moved along to a few select bars in Liverpool for lots of Disney related chatter. It was just so nice to put some names to faces and get to the reality that this is really happening all over again! It also meant that I met Rachel who I am going to get my visa with on Wednesday so we now know who each other are! So that's another good thing. Not many photos were taken of the day but there were a few towards the end of the day, so I'll be keeping my eyes peeled for them as they weren't my photos. Unfortunately we never made it to the Disney store but sure there is plenty of time to visit Disney related stores in the Happiest Place on Earth :D  The meet-ups are kinda weird because everyone arrived and was like 'Disney?' and no one quite knows who each other are, its very clear that facebook photos often don't show you how to identify each other, makes it weird and sometimes awkward if it takes a while to put the face to name when you've been speaking on good ol' facebook lol but we are all in the same situation so I'm sure it's all good :D

Another exciting thing happened today also! My hoody finally arrived! It is so orange! I really like it, but everyone at the airport is going to see me coming a mile off! There is a picture below just so you can really appreciate how orange it is! I'm just so happy it actually got here really, I was getting kinda worried that it wasn't going to show and we'd have to do some detective work to figure out where it had ended up, so all in all, happy!

So it's also the easter holidays now and sunny :D nowhere near as hot as FL, but sure is nice to see the good old sun once again, how I've missed him! It definitely gets you in the mood for the summer but unfortunately also causes much procrastination and thought about how awesome it's going to be and how not-awesome the here and now is, what with my dissertation and looming exams. On the plus side my dissertation is starting to look defeated and it is no longer defeating me, but as with most work there will always be little changes that I can find with it when it is finally done :/ it's just so scary how much it actually determines what my degree will be worth in the long run!

Anyways I'm off to enjoy the sunshine and my sunshine hoody too :D

Make today a magical one guys :D

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