Friday, 16 March 2012

Disney Dreaming...

Hello again friends,

Nice of you to drop by on this Friday afternoon. Here is a little piece of procrastination to start of the afternoon and prevent me from working on my dissertation for a few more precious seconds! So it's now just a little over a week until the ICP Liverpool meet which is so exciting and it's going to be great to meet all the wonderful summer 2012 ICPs from the Northwest of the UK :D fun times ahead for sure. plus there may be a smaller meet happening in Chester some time after easter because there are so many of us going from Chester it's crazy!

So now I'm left with just dreams and trying not to cut my fingers before going to the embassy soon, so that I don't have to re-schedule my appointment. I did get to relive moments of last summer though in my unis newspaper, where there is a page spread on my summer with lots of pictures, which is kinda embarrassing but at the same time completely awesome :D

Any who, that is all for now, TTFN! Have a magical day :D

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