Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Disney Pack and Visa stuffs

 Well hello there friends

I got my Disney pack yesterday, finally! :) so that means one thing; it's visa time! so I spent all of yesterday and most of today so far filling in visa paper work, calling the embassy, booking trains etc. So crazy! But it's all sorted now for my lovely trip to London, not to get a heat magazine, but to get a US visa :D

Other exciting things that came in the pack include a Disney Look book with the cast member guidelines on appearance in their, my job offer letter and an I94 visa card ready for adding temporarily to my passport on admission to the US. eek! it's so real now :D

I can't believe how long it has taken to sort all the visa stuff out really, like 2 days! But it shall be worth it and now I can pretend that I will get back to work on my final assignment and dissertation, sad face. However to brighten the day and lighten the mood Disney music will be playing in the background and there will be a fair amount of other procrastination no doubt :D

Righto, off, to try to work I go :D

Always believe in your dreams :D ......

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