Thursday, 29 March 2012

''I'm going to go ahead and approve your visa..''

Hello there

 Well yesterday I went to London to get my visa and it was approved in only 1 hour! This was crazy as the 3 other people who I went in with (Rachel, Bee and Justine) took another 2 hours to come out and I was sat outside waiting because all of our phones had been put in together. Well at least it was sunny and nice outside whereas inside the embassy it was roasting and pretty humid really to say that we were still in the UK. The train ride down was fine, my 7.35am train was on time and we got to Oxford Circus no problem at all for a spot of breakfast. This was followed by a stroll down to the embassy via Gould Pharmacy to drop off phones, ipods and headphones. Do not try to take headphones in with you, they won't let you. But contrary to popular belief you can take a drink in with you, so don't worry too much :D

After we got through security we then got appointment numbers and had to wait to be called to the first window for paper work collection. My photo was denied twice but the guy just accepted the second one, bit weirded out to be honest and then panicked. I also realised that I had been 'ten-printed' as I have previously had a visa, oops. Nothing went wrong really other than photo rejection so it was all good. I then waited another 15-20 mins maybe to be called to the second, interview window. I was greeted by a very nice visa man and he asked what I would be doing and if having done the program before meant that I got all the tips and hints. Not a chance. :P Never mind he approved it in a few minutes and I was on my way to pay at the delivery desk and now to wait for my visa and passport to be returned within 3-5 days :D yay

It's really real now! I'm really going back! Eeek!

On the train ride home me and Rachel were chatting about Disney and role preferences amongst other things and this made me really excited for the summer. I cannot wait now. Such a shame I still have to revise and to finish my dissertation off. Oh well, time will fly as it always does and we'll all be there in the sunshine in no time at all!


Make Thursday the most magical yet :D

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