Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Playing the waiting game...


Bonjour friends

Here is another post for you lovely bloggers :) Emails have now been sent to say Yummy have our Disney packs and to check postal addresses, which means only one thing, Disney packs in the post, imminently :D woop woop! I'll be excited to see if anything has changed since last year with the whole insurance thing.... anyways that will be exciting when it arrives. However that does mean that the epic visa process will then begin...

So to obtain a US J-1 visa you will need you DS2019 visa petition (in the pack), your passport and any documentation from disney, a pen, paper and a phone whose bill you can run up (£1.25 or something/minute) to book your appointment at the visa office. This should take about 5 minutes or so but last time they were 'conveniently' conducting maintenance on the line the first time I called so that was 2 phone calls for me! Hopefully this time only 1 call :D After you have done this remember to pay for SEVIS fee ($35) and fill in your visa paper work online,  which includes uploading a beautiful passport style photo onto the website for your visa :D this may take a while to get the type/standard the embassy want so here is fair warning :) The links for these website I think are in the visa step by step guide on the Yummy Jobs website. If you use their guide you pretty much can't go wrong :D Just don't lose your DS2019 form, it is VERY important for the entirety of the summer :D

Any questions surrounding the visa let me know :D

On another note today I was procrastinating and watching Disney things on youtube and came across this excellent quality video of the show in the Magic Kingdom called Dream Along with Mickey :D Hope you enjoy.

Have a magical day :D


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