Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Preparing to meet my visa....

Hey there

Well tonight is the night before the visa interview and I'm feeling kinda apprehensive despite having done the whole rigmarole before :/ I think it's the whole relying on good old public transport that's concerning me the most, but fingers crossed all will be well and I shall get to the ball/embassy in one piece.

So I had a final check of my documents earlier today and here is what is going with me:

* Passport
* DS2019
* Online visa application confirmation page
* SEVIS receipt
* Embassy appointment form
* MRV fee form
* Disney job offer letter
* Money for return of my passport

In addition to this I will be taking things to read on the train/in the embassy. However I shall be meeting with Rachel and Justine before going to the embassy for a spot of breakfast and chatting before heading over there. From facebook it appears that there are quite a few people going down tomorrow so maybe we will meet even more excited ICPs! :D Last year I met a camp america counsellor outside the embassy but it was so busy inside so hoping for a quicker throughput this time :D

Anyways, must dash, have to get an early night for my early train to the capital :D

Have a magical Wednesday!

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