Thursday, 22 March 2012

Where, oh where, oh where, is my hoody?

Hello there once again to my little blog :)

I have been seeing the posts all over facebook from fellow ICPs for 2012 receiving their hoodies and as of yet mine has not arrived :/ hoping it will show its face tomorrow before the big Liverpool meet! I want to see its sunshine-y orangeness. Plus I'm kinda cold, despite the sunshine. Oh well enough complaining for one day I guess.

On another note, it is now less than 1 week until I get to go and sort my visa out. It is exciting that there are about 4 or 5 of us in the embassy all together next week :D we are also planning to meet for a spot of breakfast beforehand also, so that should be awesome. Making one long and kinda boring day bearable and oh so exciting :D

It is now only 80 days until ICP 2012! And I cannot wait. Work is moving along at a slow, but still moving, pace and I can't wait for 3 long months of little stress and no uni work! Thinking of the trip itself has also prompted me to begin looking at where I want to travel in my 9 days post-college program. New York is somewhere I would love to go but is looking pretty pricey and perhaps too expensive for a student like me. So perhaps I will choose to visit somewhere a bit closer to Florida itself....still in the pipework for now...

TTFN :D Have a magical day :D

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