Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Work location preferences...


Helloo again

So today I received my 3rd email from Disney recruiting. The welcome email 3 times that is, not 3 different emails before you start to panic! So anyway that was kinda weird but still I definitely know the information now and I know some people didn't even get one until today so something is going very wrong with their computer system at the moment apparently...

In other news I also emailed Becky at yummy jobs to ask about role preferences and I can still make them. So I have sent in preferences for The Haunted Mansion, The Great Movie Ride, Phillharmagic or Dinosaur. All equally amazing attractions spanning 3 of the 4 wonderful parks at the Walt Disney World Resort. So let's keep our fingers crossed for another awesome placement there and another amazing summer :D

In follow up to ICP 2011 I am also off to Bangor at the weekend to see one of my friends from last summer who I haven't seen since we left Orlando! It's crazy how fast time goes and I am super excited to see her again! You don't really understand how much you miss those crazy people who you spend your summer with but you do. A lot. So this will be an awesome catch up also involving a Disney orientated music concert which will be amazing no doubt :D

Righto, heigh ho,heigh ho, it's offline I go :D

Always believe in your dreams.....

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