Monday, 30 April 2012

41 days to go...

So hey there lovely followers of my blog, this is going to be the last blog for April and my gosh how the time has flown by! It is now less than 6 weeks until I will be going to Florida and having lots of amazing times with new and old friends alike :D

So I am on the run down in my course now, 3 weeks today and I will have one exam over and two more to go before the epic hop across the pond for 3 whole months!!! YAY!!! I wish I could say that this means I am super focused and revising really hard because I don't want to fail, it's true, I do want to pass/need to pass, but I just can't get focused or interested on anything that isn't disney right now....I'm trying to focus and should be working right now as I type out these lovely words for my blog, hmm, if anyone finds my motivation please return to sender :P
Anyways the show must go on, let's talk about the social security appointment. I've had a few questions about how this process goes and if we need them etc. So basically a social security number is something you need to work in the US, a little like a national insurance card, but not the same, do not quote me on this lol. You don't need to worry about sorting anything out for it, just remember the documents that Disney tell you that you'll need, I think it was passport, visa info and a birth certificate if you have it, if you didn't bring it with you then I think plenty of people went without it. They just get you to fill out an application on one of the housing days and then they keep that safe until the morning when a large group of ICPs will be herded onto buses at about 7am to go over to the offices, I think they opened at 8am which was early so that we could get them done, took about 2 hours max for most people to get through, but good news is once you've got yours you will never need to get another! So then you get taken back to housing and you're free to go to work/parks, basically to get on with your day. The appointments are likely to be a few weeks in so they won't be in the first week, so don't worry about it :D

Right, that's enough procrastination for today, TTFN...Have a magical day :D

Friday, 27 April 2012

Magical Moments...

So today I had a bit of a review with my course leader at uni, and she said to me that on junior master chef they took the kids over to Disneyland in Anaheim. She said she couldn't help but think of me and asked if I would be wearing a costume. To be honest, as I don't know what I'm doing or wearing yet I can't really answer that question properly as Disney call a uniform a costume so in fact, yes I will be wearing a costume, but not in the same way that she meant. Oh well, it kinda made my day a little and made me super excited! I can't believe how soon it is and then I will be back in the happiest place on earth making the most of summer 2012!

In addition to wonderfully unexpected Disney magic occurring today, I listen to a disney radio station on the internet to get me into the Disney mood and make sure that I don't forget where I'll be this summer (like I could), and what comes on, nothing but one of the songs from Cirque, so weird, talk about flash backs! In addition to this, it is now currently playing a tiki room version of the macarena, it's safe to say I have never heard this song before. It is weird. There is no other explanation for it! :/ on the topic of songs that brings me around to the song of my ICP 2011, whether it is just a CP song or just one they chose to play a lot last summer (at dance parties in MK and DTD and also at our amazing graduation), it is the cupid shuffle.

It has a really cool dance lol, it's real simple to do, but so much fun! I can't describe how it feels to see goofy, pluto and others dancing along to this song, it is truly magical.

Righto, I'm signing off for tonight, have magical Disney dreams everyone :D

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

It's raining, it's pouring, and revision is boring....

Hey there, hi there, ho there, it's a Disney kinda day (or not). Well here I am once again, sat trying to revise for exams that I don't want to take, and have a sneaking suspicion will be really hard :( and it's raining. England is so great right? 
Whilst on the other side of the pond the sun is shining and it is hot! So whilst thinking about the other side of the world let's consider the first few days in Florida. So I've been seeing a lot of questions and comments about Traditions on the fb group and I thought I would add my information to the mix, whether it is useful or not I'll let you decide. So for my traditions class I had an 8.30am class, this meant leaving vista pretty early to get over there on the buses, but lots of people had to do the same, plus it was our first official days work as cast members! So at traditions, you go into disney university and then will be ushered off to the correct room, mine was a plain room, but there is one with an amazing wall mural of Disney characters so watch out for that one. I won't tell you what things they said during traditions as it is something you should experience for yourselves, but as for clothing choices, I was surprised what people were able to wear really, I was aware that many of the UK ICPs were dressed very smartly, and for this I wore black smart trousers, and a white flowy kinda shirt/top, it wasn't too formal, but it was nice and a cardigan as the top only had capped sleeves. I would warn over wearing short dresses/skirts if you are wanting to wear a dress guys, because it is possible that they won't let you into class....which will delay your training and entry to the parks. During the class we did head into MK through the magical utilidors :) so wear comfy shoes, you will be walking around MK for about 30-40 mins and  if your class is in the morning it will be about 10-11am and if your class is in the afternoon then it will be a mid afternoon stroll around the park. You have had fair warning :D 

After you have successfully complete traditions you will receive your ID and name badge, which means that now you can get into the parks for as you can imagine we headed into MK after going back to vista to change. Some people did go straight back over to MK in their smart clothes because it saved a lot of time, the bus ride to vista is pretty long, but either way we all ended up in MK at the end of that day beginning memories to last a lifetime. I can remember that first day better than the rest I think, myself and my friend Collette were stood waiting for the electrical parade and we got talking to two american families about their vacations and about how we ended up being there and also about the royal wedding of last year, which I have to admit, seems like forever ago. Either way, it was an amazing way to start off life as a cast member and thinking about it has made me so excited, I cannot wait for traditions round two and meeting lots of great new CP friends, and visiting old ones :D 

Have a magical (even if rainy) day :D

Sunday, 22 April 2012

Blogger has gone weird...but only 7 weeks until Disney Dreams become reality :D

So hello again, and welcome to Sunday night, I'm sorry I haven't blogged yet this week, but I've been busy with my dissertation hand in and getting back into the swing of actually having lectures to go to and things to do. So here we are again and a week closer to Summer ICP 2012! It is so exciting that in 7 weeks we will be at vista with bleary eyes and excited grins :D

In other news I have been looking at the video of a song by one republic, I like the song and love the video, I hope you enjoy :D

In addition, I have been sent this link by my friend Ashleigh from ICP 2011 and it has a list of all the really awesome things to eat at Disney :) so check it out and you too can get really hungry really fast :) Me and my house mate have also begun a healthy exercise and diet regime this week for the summer to make sure that we are looking good so that we can tan (burn). It really helps that both of us are doing it together and hopefully we will see some positive results.

Many of you may have seen, or heard, that there was an accident near vista way this week, where an ICP was killed in a hit and run accident. It is awful and just makes me think of how terrible it must be for her family and friends so far away and even for her new CP friends as Disney World. My thoughts really go to her family and friends right now and a warning for the rest of you ICP/CPs reading this blog, take care when crossing the roads in the US, there are some crazy drivers....

So on that sombre note, I'm signing off for the night, hoping for a wonderful and magical week for all and especially for those people heading over to Disney World in about 2 weeks now. So TTFN, sleep well friends :D

Sunday, 15 April 2012

8 weeks to go....

So in 8 weeks time I will be sat in Orlando, probably at the airport, waiting to get over to vista way with lots of excited ICPs ready for the summer of a life time! I am so excited it is a little bit crazy! To prove just how ready I am to go right now, I bought a mickey mouse ice cube tray today. I'm not gonna lie, I think I love it a little bit. I've already had some nice iced drinks with cute little mickey mouse shapes in them :D just what you want to be drinking when you are adding the final touches to a dissertation! But as I speak the project is printing, which means only one thing, it's finished! So officially just 3 exams stand between me and the Walt Disney World resort!

Thinking about what things will be like in 8 weeks time is so exciting! I will be arriving at vista way, finding out where and who I am going to live with and the plans for the following few days, not to mention a lovely, probably late night, trip to walmart :D I can't wait, not for walmart, but for the whole thing to be here and to be doing fun things and soaking up some lovely sunshine.....

Oh well, only a few weeks to go now, and those lucky people who will be heading over in the next few weeks, I am so excited for them, but also a little bit jealous that I still have to wait to get my turn. Well here's to waiting :D


Friday, 13 April 2012


Well surprisingly today was a pretty productive day so that means that now I am rewarding myself with a little Disney indulgence. Just taking a look at the DCP Interns videos on youtube. This channel on youtube is a really great way to find out a little more information about the college program and all of the roles that there are available for the CP, so if you haven't already go check it means you'll probably get really excited for your role though so be warned, if you're trying to stay away from the hype, maybe don't watch them :D

And now it is only 57 days, 14 hrs, 0 mins until my trip to Walt Disney World begins all over again. Looking at my suitcase and thinking that this is going to be too big! It is a pretty massive case in comparison to the case that I took with me last time, but I suppose that this means I won't have to leave so much stuff behind here and then at the other end of the program, leaving stuff there that I don't really want too. So I suppose I win in the long run, better get my muscle building plan on though so I can carry the thing :D wooo

Have a magical day :D

Thursday, 12 April 2012

59 days and counting...

So it's almost the end of the Easter holidays and it's safe to say that it hasn't been the most productive time in my life. It has however been a time to get super excited for the summer by doing a spot of shopping and getting my visa all sorted.

I now am the proud owner of some new sunglasses. They are not too special but they are sun glasses and they look nice so I'm happy and my eyes will be happy for their existence. In addition I also now have enough flip flops to last me for the entire program. I now have 4 pairs of flip flops and will also be taking a few pairs of ballet  pump style shoes with me also and fitting a pair of heels in there for the days when I feel it's necessary to go out on the town :D

Other than this everything is moving along like clock work. I just need to find where my motivation is hiding, capture it and begin to revise properly for my exams! Eek. In other news, at the beginning of next month one of my american friends from ICP 2011 is visiting the UK and I will be meeting up with her and her travelling buddies! I am so excited to see her again and hear all of the stories of how life post CP is going for her too!

Life sure isn't boring, is it? :D

Have a magical day :D

Friday, 6 April 2012

So crazy excited...

Well hello there

It is now almost Easter and only 65 days until ICP 2012 and I am so ready to go right now and forget about all of this revision that I need to do and clearly don't want to do....

I am successfully managing to keep myself preoccupied with Disney related musings over the last few days with people posting on facebook about the program and some exciting news about a friend doing a program at universal this summer also... I can't believe how fast the time is going and how soon we have jumped from 100 days to 65! Within no time at all it will be the night before once again and I'll be trying to pack my life into a suitcase once again!

Other than this, on fb a promo video for Disney World from 1995 was posted. Here is the link for you to enjoy how Disney got guests in the '90s... :D

''I've been waiting my whole life to meet you...''

Today I was also killing time by watching informational shows about Cirque du Soleil and seeing little snippets on La Nouba on there too. Brings the memories flooding back and helps me to realise how big and successful the company actually is :D to have been a part of that, if only for such a short time, is surely a memorable time and I feel privileged! :D


Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Visa arrival..

Hey there

I got my visa back today about 1.55pm on an 8am-6pm delivery, so not too bad really. All in all, a success. Now everything is sorted, all fees are paid and I have all my documentation to travel. So in just 67 days I will be jetting off to the sunshine state for the summer of a lifetime, round 2. Just a note to anyone here receiving their visa back, make sure you take very good care of the DS-2019 form, you will need it all the summer, so make sure you don't leave the UK without it :D

So now all of the, not so exciting, paperwork is over it is time to get just a little bit super excited about the program itself. It also means that it is almost time to go shopping once again :D this may wait until I go back to uni and go with my housemate who is doing the program also. Number one on my shopping list is a pair of sun glasses, but there will be new flip flops and stuff too. Today I did begin my shopping though, with a new but very cheap duvet cover for my sleeping bag/duvet for the summer. It was in the sale at a bargain price of £2.05, so there is no concern over me leaving it in the US on my return to the UK in September. So this means that my bed is set for June 10th, just need some pillows now, contemplating taking one as hand luggage....if not a late night trip to walmart will yield some comfort here :D

So other than this today I have been finally printing pictures from last years ICP. I can't believe that I didn't get around to printing most of them yet. I purchased a really big photo album from cast connections for about $5 last summer, a disney one with the year on it and I didn't realise how many photos this thing holds! I know I took a lot of pictures, but seriously, I think I'll run out of paper and patience before I fill this thing! But on another note it does mean that it will be an awesome memory holder from ICP 2011!

Righto, back to reading my completed dissertation I go, heigh ho, heigh ho...


Monday, 2 April 2012

Well that's a surprise.......


Well in the process of planning my next move phone-wise for my trip state-side, I have discovered that the phone my parents bought whilst I was out there last time is still connected and has service. If I add credit to it within the next 4 days, so just need to remember to add some money onto the thing by Friday and it will all be well. Plus as the credit lasts for 90 days and it is only 68 days until I go then the credit will not expire before I get there. Win. It also means that upon arrival in Orlando I will have a fully functioning phone immediately :D yay for good coincidences, they make me smile :D

Back to the dreariness of the UK and tomorrow my passport and visa will be returned. :D Not so sure how I feel about the 8am-6pm delivery slot, but hey ho, it was a lot cheaper than last years £27 slot :/ so I guess I just gotta stay in until the thing appears. It shall be worth it though, that is no concern!

On a Disney related note, on one of my Disney internet escapades I have discovered the opening of a new value resort at the Walt Disney Resort known as the 'Art of Animation' resort. It looks really cool and is opening in phases this year, starting in May through September. So I shall be dropping by and checking this new resort out. Here's a link to Disney's website for the resort so you can see for yourselves how beautiful it looks :D


For now there is no further news so take care lovely people :D

Have a magical day (tomorrow) :D