Monday, 30 April 2012

41 days to go...

So hey there lovely followers of my blog, this is going to be the last blog for April and my gosh how the time has flown by! It is now less than 6 weeks until I will be going to Florida and having lots of amazing times with new and old friends alike :D

So I am on the run down in my course now, 3 weeks today and I will have one exam over and two more to go before the epic hop across the pond for 3 whole months!!! YAY!!! I wish I could say that this means I am super focused and revising really hard because I don't want to fail, it's true, I do want to pass/need to pass, but I just can't get focused or interested on anything that isn't disney right now....I'm trying to focus and should be working right now as I type out these lovely words for my blog, hmm, if anyone finds my motivation please return to sender :P
Anyways the show must go on, let's talk about the social security appointment. I've had a few questions about how this process goes and if we need them etc. So basically a social security number is something you need to work in the US, a little like a national insurance card, but not the same, do not quote me on this lol. You don't need to worry about sorting anything out for it, just remember the documents that Disney tell you that you'll need, I think it was passport, visa info and a birth certificate if you have it, if you didn't bring it with you then I think plenty of people went without it. They just get you to fill out an application on one of the housing days and then they keep that safe until the morning when a large group of ICPs will be herded onto buses at about 7am to go over to the offices, I think they opened at 8am which was early so that we could get them done, took about 2 hours max for most people to get through, but good news is once you've got yours you will never need to get another! So then you get taken back to housing and you're free to go to work/parks, basically to get on with your day. The appointments are likely to be a few weeks in so they won't be in the first week, so don't worry about it :D

Right, that's enough procrastination for today, TTFN...Have a magical day :D

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