Thursday, 12 April 2012

59 days and counting...

So it's almost the end of the Easter holidays and it's safe to say that it hasn't been the most productive time in my life. It has however been a time to get super excited for the summer by doing a spot of shopping and getting my visa all sorted.

I now am the proud owner of some new sunglasses. They are not too special but they are sun glasses and they look nice so I'm happy and my eyes will be happy for their existence. In addition I also now have enough flip flops to last me for the entire program. I now have 4 pairs of flip flops and will also be taking a few pairs of ballet  pump style shoes with me also and fitting a pair of heels in there for the days when I feel it's necessary to go out on the town :D

Other than this everything is moving along like clock work. I just need to find where my motivation is hiding, capture it and begin to revise properly for my exams! Eek. In other news, at the beginning of next month one of my american friends from ICP 2011 is visiting the UK and I will be meeting up with her and her travelling buddies! I am so excited to see her again and hear all of the stories of how life post CP is going for her too!

Life sure isn't boring, is it? :D

Have a magical day :D

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