Sunday, 15 April 2012

8 weeks to go....

So in 8 weeks time I will be sat in Orlando, probably at the airport, waiting to get over to vista way with lots of excited ICPs ready for the summer of a life time! I am so excited it is a little bit crazy! To prove just how ready I am to go right now, I bought a mickey mouse ice cube tray today. I'm not gonna lie, I think I love it a little bit. I've already had some nice iced drinks with cute little mickey mouse shapes in them :D just what you want to be drinking when you are adding the final touches to a dissertation! But as I speak the project is printing, which means only one thing, it's finished! So officially just 3 exams stand between me and the Walt Disney World resort!

Thinking about what things will be like in 8 weeks time is so exciting! I will be arriving at vista way, finding out where and who I am going to live with and the plans for the following few days, not to mention a lovely, probably late night, trip to walmart :D I can't wait, not for walmart, but for the whole thing to be here and to be doing fun things and soaking up some lovely sunshine.....

Oh well, only a few weeks to go now, and those lucky people who will be heading over in the next few weeks, I am so excited for them, but also a little bit jealous that I still have to wait to get my turn. Well here's to waiting :D


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