Sunday, 22 April 2012

Blogger has gone weird...but only 7 weeks until Disney Dreams become reality :D

So hello again, and welcome to Sunday night, I'm sorry I haven't blogged yet this week, but I've been busy with my dissertation hand in and getting back into the swing of actually having lectures to go to and things to do. So here we are again and a week closer to Summer ICP 2012! It is so exciting that in 7 weeks we will be at vista with bleary eyes and excited grins :D

In other news I have been looking at the video of a song by one republic, I like the song and love the video, I hope you enjoy :D

In addition, I have been sent this link by my friend Ashleigh from ICP 2011 and it has a list of all the really awesome things to eat at Disney :) so check it out and you too can get really hungry really fast :) Me and my house mate have also begun a healthy exercise and diet regime this week for the summer to make sure that we are looking good so that we can tan (burn). It really helps that both of us are doing it together and hopefully we will see some positive results.

Many of you may have seen, or heard, that there was an accident near vista way this week, where an ICP was killed in a hit and run accident. It is awful and just makes me think of how terrible it must be for her family and friends so far away and even for her new CP friends as Disney World. My thoughts really go to her family and friends right now and a warning for the rest of you ICP/CPs reading this blog, take care when crossing the roads in the US, there are some crazy drivers....

So on that sombre note, I'm signing off for the night, hoping for a wonderful and magical week for all and especially for those people heading over to Disney World in about 2 weeks now. So TTFN, sleep well friends :D

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