Wednesday, 25 April 2012

It's raining, it's pouring, and revision is boring....

Hey there, hi there, ho there, it's a Disney kinda day (or not). Well here I am once again, sat trying to revise for exams that I don't want to take, and have a sneaking suspicion will be really hard :( and it's raining. England is so great right? 
Whilst on the other side of the pond the sun is shining and it is hot! So whilst thinking about the other side of the world let's consider the first few days in Florida. So I've been seeing a lot of questions and comments about Traditions on the fb group and I thought I would add my information to the mix, whether it is useful or not I'll let you decide. So for my traditions class I had an 8.30am class, this meant leaving vista pretty early to get over there on the buses, but lots of people had to do the same, plus it was our first official days work as cast members! So at traditions, you go into disney university and then will be ushered off to the correct room, mine was a plain room, but there is one with an amazing wall mural of Disney characters so watch out for that one. I won't tell you what things they said during traditions as it is something you should experience for yourselves, but as for clothing choices, I was surprised what people were able to wear really, I was aware that many of the UK ICPs were dressed very smartly, and for this I wore black smart trousers, and a white flowy kinda shirt/top, it wasn't too formal, but it was nice and a cardigan as the top only had capped sleeves. I would warn over wearing short dresses/skirts if you are wanting to wear a dress guys, because it is possible that they won't let you into class....which will delay your training and entry to the parks. During the class we did head into MK through the magical utilidors :) so wear comfy shoes, you will be walking around MK for about 30-40 mins and  if your class is in the morning it will be about 10-11am and if your class is in the afternoon then it will be a mid afternoon stroll around the park. You have had fair warning :D 

After you have successfully complete traditions you will receive your ID and name badge, which means that now you can get into the parks for as you can imagine we headed into MK after going back to vista to change. Some people did go straight back over to MK in their smart clothes because it saved a lot of time, the bus ride to vista is pretty long, but either way we all ended up in MK at the end of that day beginning memories to last a lifetime. I can remember that first day better than the rest I think, myself and my friend Collette were stood waiting for the electrical parade and we got talking to two american families about their vacations and about how we ended up being there and also about the royal wedding of last year, which I have to admit, seems like forever ago. Either way, it was an amazing way to start off life as a cast member and thinking about it has made me so excited, I cannot wait for traditions round two and meeting lots of great new CP friends, and visiting old ones :D 

Have a magical (even if rainy) day :D

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