Friday, 27 April 2012

Magical Moments...

So today I had a bit of a review with my course leader at uni, and she said to me that on junior master chef they took the kids over to Disneyland in Anaheim. She said she couldn't help but think of me and asked if I would be wearing a costume. To be honest, as I don't know what I'm doing or wearing yet I can't really answer that question properly as Disney call a uniform a costume so in fact, yes I will be wearing a costume, but not in the same way that she meant. Oh well, it kinda made my day a little and made me super excited! I can't believe how soon it is and then I will be back in the happiest place on earth making the most of summer 2012!

In addition to wonderfully unexpected Disney magic occurring today, I listen to a disney radio station on the internet to get me into the Disney mood and make sure that I don't forget where I'll be this summer (like I could), and what comes on, nothing but one of the songs from Cirque, so weird, talk about flash backs! In addition to this, it is now currently playing a tiki room version of the macarena, it's safe to say I have never heard this song before. It is weird. There is no other explanation for it! :/ on the topic of songs that brings me around to the song of my ICP 2011, whether it is just a CP song or just one they chose to play a lot last summer (at dance parties in MK and DTD and also at our amazing graduation), it is the cupid shuffle.

It has a really cool dance lol, it's real simple to do, but so much fun! I can't describe how it feels to see goofy, pluto and others dancing along to this song, it is truly magical.

Righto, I'm signing off for tonight, have magical Disney dreams everyone :D


  1. Omg the cupid shuffle was our malia song!! I have never heard it anywhere else apart from there! This has just made my day and brought back so many drunken memories, and if this is the song this year its going to make my life!!!! Once again you are distracting me from my revision....STOP IT!! Argghhhhhhhhhh so excited xx

  2. lol wow what a coincidence, you were made to do the ICP :D woop woop :D and sorry lol but getting excited is still an important part of life, even though revision is a little bit more so lol xx